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Dream bedroom now offering free contactless delivery as always free returns, terms and conditions apply go to Casper Dot com for more information mark celebrities joining me Fox sports, NFL analyst the coward global. Satellite Network in his home in beautiful. Colorado, all right pro football focus top fifty players. They didn't have an offensive lineman in the top five Clinton. Nelson, but no Aaron Rodgers mark. What did you make of that? Is Two things. There's two issues. Okay. One always put quarterbacks in a different category like that I. Don't consider them like football players like their their quarterbacks, and they play football. They play the most important role in football, but I was going to put them in their own category, but it. We're putting quarterbacks in your top fifty players over all to not have Aaron. Aaron Rodgers in the top fifty. It's a stupid list. It's listed has no merit to because Eh Rogers. Let's not forget that Aaron Rodgers was the best off platform. Throw that we ever seen the most accurate off platform floor that we'd ever seen in football until Patrick, mahomes a Unicorn came a law. So are we forgetting how good this guy is by the way. Way here's a guy that's going to the hall of fame that has thrown a total of one touchdown. Two first round draft picks over the course of his career, and that first rounder was drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars in Mercedes Lewis. It's not like they put a plethora of number one weapons around the guy. He is a phenomenal football player and and for him. Him Not to be on this list is to me is just it's a stupid list. That's what it comes down to troy. Aikman said this week. He thinks the cowboys roster stacks up with virtually anyone I. Don't I think San Francisco New Orleans more Kansas City I think my problem with is they have some really high end players, and then a bunch of holes. Corner Center Safety. Interior Defensive Line I don't think it's a top five top six roster. I look this morning I headed about eight nine your thoughts. I think probably there are four five rosters that I put above them maybe six or seven rosters that I put above them, but the bottom line is do they have enough talent to win an NFC championship. Absolutely do have of talent to to to go to go to super bowl. I think there's no question. It's more than talent though it comes down. Down to coaching, it comes down to organizational structure. It comes down to all those things that really separate you from being a good football team to a great football team a great book, Balti- tune exceptional football team. Talent is a big part of it. There is no question but talent that is it connected talent that is sacrificing for one another talent that. That is on the same page. A complimentary does nothing for you, so the Dallas cowboys are not. It's not a talent issue with their team more than it is an organizational structure issue with their football team. That's what's keeping them from winning NFC east championships and going to championship games by the way you're a very popular radio show in Denver in the. The mornings one of the highest sports talk radio morning shows maybe the highest Larrikin Evans one zero four point three, the fan in Denver I imagine a topic this morning. It was leading. My show is Vic Fangio who I think can be well meaning, but he said there's no racism. He doesn't see it at all in the NFL. I disagree with that. I thought it was a little tone. Deaf. I imagine it was a topic on your show. What are your thoughts on it? My my thoughts are in context I understand what he's saying that the NFL's talk, and for you to get an opportunity to play in the NFL. You gotta earn it like everything you've gotta earn it, and it's that way inside a locker room. It's that way you don't from player to player. We know that it doesn't matter what color your skin is where the background is where you went to school. It doesn't matter if you went to a little school EDYTA. Idaho, or whether with Uber She Alabama. If you can play, you're gonNA. Get the opportunity to play. That's how it works inside the locker room, and that's how it works. You know from the WHO the coaches pick to to play. Now Remember Vic Fangio's be coaching for forty two for forty years forty plus years. I think thirty two of the NFL and like he's been a coordinator for twenty plus years in the NFL one of the best coordinators gist got his first opportunity to be a head coach last year, so he's been passed over a million times. Himself, so I mean I look at it more like conceptually. He's talking about your opportunity to get on the playing field. He understands you know. He understands that there is some racism. There is some some issues. At least the NFL has dealt with it, or at least try to deal with it, maybe not perfectly, obviously not, but at least they've acknowledged in are trying to do things to. To to fix, know not that you'll ever fix everything, but at least try so i. look at it more of a context issue young. Vic Fangio's old school. That way and there's some there's been plenty of thanks. He said as adcose with Denver broncos that have gone over exceptionally well with people inside the organization, and and that's part of. That's part of the charm of VIC. Fangio is like he's GonNa say what's on his mind, but e context I think it was more about your opportunity on the football field and play as a player. A couple minutes left. How good a shape! Could you be in today as an NFL player with not as like I. Think of you as a lifter i. Could jog around the neighborhood or have a treadmill, but like how good of shape could you have been in with no Ta's and camps pushback. I think it's really hard. Calm. The only thing that you can do to get yourself in shape to play football to play football so regardless you're gonNA. You're going to be able to create a baseline of being in shape, but the kinesthetic we go into the kinesthetic awareness, the the the pro reception skills of one guy against another guy. You don't push it on people doing all those things that can only be replicated through playing football, and so anytime you go into training camp. Camp you're not. GonNa be in quote. Unquote football shape until you start actually playing football and in today's game, even in the OTA's. They can't do that anymore. Because you're not allowed, you know. We circumvented the rules. When I played like there was, it was a full go full-contact no pads in and if he didn't like it. You don't have to be here. That's the way it worked. It's different today. Right so I think that nobody really is shaped when they get to camp. In include football shape, and less so today than than back in my day, so I think it's exceptionally up and now that the came out with a we're not gonNA have these joint practices anymore that that's not gonNA happen it makes it that much more difficult for these teams to really get themselves ready to play this upcoming season bought by forty five seconds here. How many things are open in Denver are restaurants where you guys at? Were just outside of Denver. So. We're in the BURBS but. Like, everything restaurants have opened, but it's more limited seating limited capacity, only fifty percent of capacity, and most of it is outdoor type seating right now. Also there are a lot of things that are open. Still they're still the masks in the suggested fast, and all those things that are being required a you know pretty much required to go into grocery stores and restaurants in those things, but things are slowly opening up here in Denver stuff mark have a great weekend and rest of your week. I'm off tomorrow. I'm going to hang out and do some hiking and whatever I do, but go xenia. Take Care All right March Sarah. Yeah it's. We opened up in our little town for like a day and then it closed down again. Because of the protests, so you know towns are. So. It's been a rough few months for restaurant tours in America. This is this is the situation we're in so all right two hours down one to go start your day with 'em..

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