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Sit 'n it's not going to do for the economy any any of the things they claim it's a truly awful bill yeah and engineering lindsay worked on on the hill a s s s senate staff it also violates some of the the claimed priorities of senators are now supporting the bill i remember lots of talk about regular order from john mccain and talking about doing things the proper way well here's joe manchin democrat of west virginia talking about the process on meet the press i think mitch mcconnell basically told the president we can do this under a budget reconciliation which is a budget gimmicky passed a budget with one half trillion dollars of deficit going in so he had one and a half trillion dollars of deficit to work within giveaways tax cuts and everything else rather than revenueneutral which is what ronald reagan did which is what bowls in simpson's which is what i wanted to do and many republicans counter wanted to do i thought but that's not what we ended up with i mean jimmy it it just at this point just true that the republicans do not care about deficits do not care about debt they just care about tax cuts for very wealthy people is that unfair for me to say a big that's fair i let's be very clear the deficit isn't a new thing the republican said look mitch mcconnell's been in the senate since 1984 i'm pretty sure we've had a deficit almost all that time so it doesn't mitch mcconnell own deficit spending as much as anybody else has been to the senate so now republicans have never cared about deficit this wonderful talking point i get the talking point i was a round in two thousand and one for that tax bill i was on the floor i work that bill we had a surplus at that point in time and that bill joy was supposed to give us more of a surplus was supposed to give us more jobs cetera etc it did not it failed even the 19th '86 tax bill was revenueneutral they couldn't even do that in two thousand one and they're not doing it this top one point five six trillion dollars added to the deficit now hold on all of our republican friends are going to say what barack obama doubled the deficit great mazal tov.

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