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Mean What Up. King of. Kings. Great show out everybody. Dominique is back. Everybody Ludd at Um listen. The fact that buddy mcgirt like I respect the hours love buddy, mcgirt, but. He just sound like old rapper like sound like old rapper Toma. The young kids ain't got it now. I'm not necessarily a fantasy. Young kids quote unquote right, but you gotta just different times. Different Times is different that said shut out the king boom because ness. You must have been in the spies getting dusted. There's no lay manny Pacquiao should even be enough fight with triple G. let alone even trying to trying to beat them like I. would your that fight is terrible like? Is Manny like in debt or something or is? His wife got insurance policy because the fighter sounds crazy to me and the away I'll. Triple Jesus is a very good fighter very very good. He's never been great because I was always say POW pound. You gotta move the pound. He hung out at one six T. he didn't go nowhere. He's lane. He's good. He's not great. He's not powerful Powell. I'm out. Banat. See. I think I. Think coming down you. Can do honestly..

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