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Six street is backing up some dude walking across the street got. Hit by a car yeah, thirty-five walking across thirty five don't advise. It well it's. Probably a homeless person I'm afraid that is always the first. Thought in my head to be thirty five hundred foot and show you what and also, southbound backing up as. You approach, that, as well All the time this is a common thing here you know especially right they're. Not too far from the. Arch, at the Austin resource. Center. For the homeless. It's, really a sad situation but. Yeah so there you go that's that's going to be a problem for a couple of hours throughout the drive time this morning yeah I'm afraid so yeah so there you go Keep an. Eye on that is the frontage road open can you get around on the backed up backed up, to so I would just not even attempt that. Get on no pack? You, don't want any three get one thirty if that works for, you Lamar anything north and south other. Than that stretch this time of day those alternate routes are, a much better. Option salute wait about? Forty five minutes and? Those roads will be jam or if your helicopter is gassed, up I would strongly suggest to use your helicopter today. Are your hover board yeah our. Your jet, pack and. Lord knows we have all right five one two eight three six zero five ninety. Toll free eight seven seven, five nine, zero five five to. Five where do we begin where we begin today we got the rush update coming up in just. One, minute but we'll, give. You a little preview The. Equity office of Austin this is a special department of city, council put together. They're recommending that the? City remove or change? The names of streets parks and other markers in Austin that, honor confederate states of America and slavery The office also suggest well changing the name Austin yes As Stephen f. Austin fought to defend slavery in the Texas revolution and supported. The institution after the state gained its independence from Mexico that's what it all outlines in this. Special memo that's being handed over to the. City council now. They also want to change some streets here's, some streets, they want, to change Littlefield. Tom green Snead Reagan hill Dixie plantation and confederate avenue they want, to change the. Name of some parks, piece bolted Waller Barton, Bolden piece do, Paul Burnett road Bernie lane Burlington road Lamar han-kon, drive and the Hancock center not to mention William Barton drive, all linear Meribel fort Sumner circle enforce fort some. Road and they all got, a change because they're? Racist Here's, the deal what Todd is telling you right now Joe this satire this didn't. Come from the onion we. Didn't write this this morning this is an actual. Recommendation now stay with us, coming up at six twenty we've got a viral video but we're also going to run through a list of names, of. What we could choose for. The name of Austin. Texas we got to change. It we've got to, change it's got to be changed if? You. Support this then you believe it. Should. Be, changed absolutely this is what the people want six oh nine time, for the rush, update after almost twenty years in congress New York Democrat Joe Crowley. Recently. Lost his primary. To the young socialist star Alexandria okay Tests and I guess that he's decided to go out. With a big bang Crowley is now demanding federal handouts to families who were. Separated at the border while illegally entering American Joe, Crowley, says separating, families is one of the most. Reprehensible things he has seen as. A congressman and he wants. The family units compensated for what the Trump administration. Did to them now I, don't recall New York Democrat Joe Crowley ever demanding compensation for American families permanently separated from loved ones by illegal immigrants, who. Murdered them illegal immigrants who. In some cases had. Been deported multiple times but. Had returned to democrat, run sanctuary cities and I don't recall? The. New York Democrat Joe Crowley complaining. About. The, families separated under Barack Obama apparently when it was the Obama regime, separating illegal immigrant, families liberals like work Joe Crowley didn't think it was reprehensible at. All All now. All of sudden a chance to spend money and is not even running for. Reelection so, once he really trying to accomplish here.

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