Thomas Keller, David Chang, Thomas Ncmec discussed on Bon Apptit Foodcast - Episode 133: The Enigmatic Pete Wells


Two reasons somebody shen come out and take a bunch of sniper shots at our every new place friends that sort of hyped on how much in terms of i think the readers we enjoy exit we joy peace chefs received pieces differently um yeah and whether it's david chang or thomas keller for insincere per se review like bad hady that not kind mounting i time but not favorable review of per se which i agree with at the time change the way that restaurant is doing what it's doing now mean that baid that made thomas ncmec like step back like wait a minute we need to reassess what it is were doing well that's i mean that i met minimal let certainly not why i right i mean i write really for the readers but like from a certain point of view that's the reaction you've you would hope people at home just because that there is there is an opportunity and in any negative feedback that you get you know some tight like so customers not happy with their meal maybe that customers totally wrong and end of the food was perfect and you know it was perfect and they're just grouchy but you still have an opportunity to be kind of human with them and kind and and the you know and and try to make it up to them in a way that maybe they'll walk out feeling good instead of walk feeling angry and and the in a native review is an opportunity in a different kind of way this sort of look out a decide which w where's the critic totally off the mark i don't think it's.

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