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Going to be talking about some East sports. Welcome back to this week's tank slappers podcast serious there with me. Thankfully he's not come under attack from anymore flies and birds at the moment. I have to say you really looks absolutely lovely where you are right now is it makes a big difference from where I'm right. Yeah Yeah but you know. I'm really looking forward to Combo. Yeah I saw. We are good here but Yeah well at home. I live in in Barcelona. I wouldn't be able to family either so considering these and I wouldn't be able to leave my apartment so maybe yeah I'm in a better position here and there but anyway I'm really looking forward to find out the way to come back home. Yeah hopefully won't be too long and hopefully when he do get home it will be a nicer place the then what's happening right now but Well everyone's been stuck in say eight motor. Gp Put on an East sports race. Was Ten of its raiders at the weekend First of all did you. Did you happen to catch any of the covers? Did you see the race? Yes yes yes I see. That was quite it was I mean for what it was. It was. It was quite fun. You know it was. Nice to see the raiders in that situation. It was quite fun for most of the people but Maverick Bananas was taking out. I Ice Future. Teammate is not that good so no this now we can say that this kind of races are very real are a realistic. Yeah yes yeah. The Star is not the best point. Murray no yeah it was. It was an interest in watching that race. It made me sad because I saw. Could you imagine if the real Italian grown prequel ruined? Venezuela's crashed into each other. I mean think of the debriefs think of all the things we'd have to just saw. What an amazing story that would be if real. Yeah yeah it. It Yay took me to when Russian anthem were fighting for the title few years ago. It took me when Danny Roseanne. Nicky Hayden where Fighting in two thousand and six import to Gal which was crazy crazy crazy race and even more crazy bossed race with all the yeah Talks and yeah but it would be really really interesting to see this this thing and and don't forget the Yamaha keeps working and the bike is as good as they show on the on the precision testing I think we can have this this situation next year. Or even maybe these yeah. Yeah I mean is that you know that that's the thing I was watching this race thinking test and we saw close everything was set up so nicely and now we have to just use her imagination book going back to the sports racer. It was nice it was a nice to see motor. Gp Yet so many raiders if you look at Formula One virtual race when they had London Paris and Nicholas Latifi. So which is which is fine. But I don't really want to watch Londonorce race Johnny Herbert and race some Golfer. I'm not interested. I went to see racers race each other. And that's what we go out with. Moore. Gp It was. It was fun the best for me. I Don I am not a number one part of sport much I mean. I really like the real racing. But I'm brain rested on on this Initiative and this this guy not so. I'm trying to get a margin again into it as much as I can. And learning learning learning. But you know I was thinking the best outcome or the best idea the best in the end. Yeah the best outcome that to me. We have idiots. The interaction between right between writers playing which it Made me think okay. At some point it would be good to try to. Who Radio on the real racing? I know that it's ready. Because there are so many factors that noise them the balance of the writer. Because you know that we have the balance here on the ears. So I know that there's a lot of Yes situation that Dorner and Yeah the providers would have to fixed but I think it would be really really interesting to listen. The writers Well racing so that that that thought because they were talking they were screaming. They were morning When while playing and they talking to each other by for example I know that was texting in talking to Fabio. And you were able to listen. They're screaming so that would be really interesting for especially for TV. Yeah it's very much one of the things and Formula One and other forms of car racing. It's quite unique that you can hear the driver but you know for me. S A tricky one. Because it would be interested. I like the fact that there is no team radio. It's just all down to the Raider. There's no one you know. Look after your tires. Look after. That's all yeah but I'm not. I'm not talking about the team radio. I'm just saying about oh I see what you mean like just having a radio yeah. Okay dossiers into them. Yeah okay now. That's more interesting Arnie. Unidirectional Yeah Yeah. Yeah so just just one direction. So that's what I mean. Not Not communication between between them not of course not. Yeah yeah writers and but not with the box oranges Nano just US listening to them. Yeah Yeah does that. Does that actually sounds like a really cool idea. That would be something that would be interesting to try out because one we have some good conversations between drivers and Gosh by the time we have some good quotes. I remember Montoya and So many different drivers screaming just screaming Or or Fernando Alonzo with the GP two-engine so do the Honda guys. So this this kind of things. I think it would be really interesting for De Spectator especially on the TV. Do have this this feeling because I'm Hannah percent. Most of the rivers of the writers admit that they scream in had so. Let's try to herd them. Yeah that sounds like a really cool idea. I definitely be up for that not no. I think we'll end it there. My thanks to your For Your Company.

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