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All right, thanks. Mark Goodman you can hear him daily on the Sirius XM channel eighty on eight. He'll so hosts debatable from four pm to seven pm eastern on siriusxm volume channel. That's how we met. I was a guest with rich ward on debatable. Mark was a great host. Great guest as well. Check Mark Goodman on Sirius XM the man with the curly hair and check out Chris Jericho's rocking wrestling razor at sea at Chris Jericho, cruise dot com. Book your cabin now and come hang with me, and this is a great lineup of talent. We set sail October twenty seven to thirty first Miami, the Bahamas we're getting closer to sell it. I know I say that every week, but we really are. I'm really pleasantly surprised and okay, keep on selling. We're going all the way, but you got a book soon. Remember when you book your cabin, everything. All the activities included in the book price, including food, you'll get access to all the live podcast stand up. Comedy shows meet and greets concerts. The only thing you pay. For it. When you book a cabinets, alcohol and gambling, and here's what you're going to see the big main event alpha club versus the bullet club, the bucks of Jericho, or is it why? Jackson versus Kenya, mega Cody and mardi skirl don't forget what impact versus ring of honor. Sammy Callahan versus mardi girl LAX the young bucks. And now we have Brian cage, Johnny impact, and LAX challenging the bullet club to a match on the cruise, the ultimate ring of honor versus impact match. Will that match happen? Wait and see Dover here, but live talk. Talk is Jericho with Ricky steamboat another one with Eddie Guerrero remembers with Conan robots through junior another one with the entire globe. Another one with Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler the greatest commentators WB history. Then we got Mick Foley doing his twenty years of hell. Stand up show talking all about the hell in the cell show that took place twenty years ago. We got killing the town versus keep it at one hundred Conan versus Don Callistus go inferno versus Cyrus and don't forget about the first round of the tournament. That's been announced lethal versus Whitmer Daniels was delirious SC. Girl versus Titus. Silence Russa's flip Gordon. The second bracket Mark Briscoe versus Ferrara pays versus because Aaron cheeseburgers, spiracy bruiser, Jay Briscoe versus king and live music and fuzzy. Corey Taylor slipped on stone sour. Phil Campbell in the bastard sons king, the stir the Dave Spitak project the darlings of rock and roll. The cherry bombs shoot to thrill the world's greatest ACDC cover band female blizzard of Ozzy so much more beyond the darkness will be. They're scaring your pants off. Cool. Cabana mardi Gerusa doing. They're hilarious. Unprofessional wrestling show, busted open radio. It was going to be there. Live comedy for Brad Williams, Craig gas, Ron funches the impractical jokers. Don't forget the special host, Jim Ross, and Jerry the king Lawler James Ellsworth, he's going to be defending his inter gender championship, their cruise director. So Cal doubt, special guests those fully. We got Mandy, Leon is going to be there. The women of honor Kelly Klein. We've got a brandy roads, another fine woman. Of honored to be announced very soon this week, so much going on, go to Christiane cruise dot com. Come join the fun book, your cabin and be a part of history. All right. And coming up Wednesday, speaking of being part of history, as I go to my schedule and find out who is gonna be because I forgot. The mysterious, the strange, the crazy Bon Scott one of the greatest lead singers of all time. And one of the craziest part of all time, we go in depth into the wildlife and mysterious death of Bon Scott. If you're ACDC fan, if you're a rock and roll fan, you're not gonna wanna miss this one, John, you're right now it's going to be a bone chilling and very, very cool rock and roll man. It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll while Scott knew all about that, she will see on Wednesday in the meantime, and between time stay hard, stay hungry, big peace-loving hugs and the big. Have a great weekend. The Westwood One podcast network.

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