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Second Nineteen Ninety four twenty two minutes into Colombia's second match in the ninety four World Cup American midfielder John Harkes closed in on Colombia's goal attempting to score the first point of the match. Coming off a nearly perfect season the Colombian national team was seen as the clear front runner but just so far their participation in the World Cup was not off to a promising start. They lost their first match against Romania as the Colombian team caught up to him. Parks kicked a pass across the front of the goal on instinct Clementine. Captain Andres Escobar DOE foot. I intercept the ball and kick did into his own goal. The reaction in the stadium was immediate. The crowd exploded with commotion for a few moments both Escobar goalkeeper Oscar. Cordoba lay on their backs stunned at what had just happened. Neither realize that the slip up would have deadly consequences. Welcome to sports. Criminals are cast original. This is the fifth episode in our March Madness. Special this month. We're counting down the top thirty one sports scandals from one thousand nine hundred to two thousand twenty. I'm Carter Roy and I'm Tim Johnson in today's episode. We're going back to nineteen ninety. Four and the tragic end of Andres Escobar career twenty-seven-year-old Andres Escobar was at the height of his professional abilities. Going into the nineteen ninety four World Cup known by the nickname al Qaeda. Aero Del Football for the gentlemen football he was a well liked player both among his teammates in the Colombian football fans. None of his teammates blamed him for the goal. He kicked into their own net during that fateful game. It was an honest mistake even if it resulted in their two. One loss. Despite beating Switzerland and their subsequent match on June twenty-sixth Columbia was finished in the World Cup Competition Andres Escobar returned to his hometown of Medellin shortly after his guilt followed him home and he reportedly found it difficult to sleep in the days following his return in a column for El Tiempo. He reflected on his shame about the incident and his intention to bounce back. He closed his piece by saying it's been a most amazing and rare experience. We'll see each other again soon because life does not end here on July first five days after Columbia was disqualified. Escobar decided. He had to face his hometown in spite of his own. Personal shame that night. He went out with several of his friends. They drank the night away as if nothing was wrong. Then after midnight things grew tense. Some of the other men at the bar taunted Escobar for his error during the World Cup game then at around three. Am Escobar separated from his friends to drive home? He was confronted by three men in the parking lot. Some reports claim these were the same men. Escobar had argued with the Bar. One of them produced a pistol and shot. Escobar six times some eye witnesses claimed that the shooter shouted goal as they fired each bullet. The shooting shocked the entire world. Speculation flew about the motive due to millions history with organized crime. One of the most popular rumors was that associates of the recently deceased drug lord. Pablo Escobar had lost money betting on the ninety four World Cup. In order to hit as payback. A man named Humberto Castro. Munos confessed to the killing later that Saturday. He was sentenced to forty three years in prison. He was released in two thousand five. After only serving eleven some claim that Andres Escobar death actually had nothing to do with his role in the World Cup and he was merely another victim of a city known for its crime rate. The truth remains a mystery..

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