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Yeah that's angsty thing you gotta get your fighter on a deep growl that christina when you sing along with you you you do that part you just not as good at he try the voice elimination night tonight got lethal weapon which is on that new show rise in chicago med is on tonight maybe just basically turn your tv off tonight or watch nba playoffs and the stanley cup playoffs let's get to you z z morning zoo presents celebrity dirt actress allison mack was arrested last week for her role in a sex coal and apparently tried to learn emma watson and kelly clarkson to join her movement that's what she was calling sex call she was tweeting them both saying hey guys i'm an actress like yourself i think you should be involved in this amazing woman's movement i think you've really dig it is that what she called has come up with a new fragrance but the bar over this on is actually her body like it's literally the shape of her body but if she said it is a unique sculpture of my body in it's very cool and the sint i'm so proud of it smells to me like what i would think golden smells like i don't know kim kardashian phrase it's okay that you make the bottle shaped like her body but make it so that when you press the button the little comes out of her but girls yeah comes out of her her jabu's with kim that's got to be the but bottle france and you turn it upside down you stick the but in your wherever you say and you push down because she should have just made it like belly button down bottles.

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