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Welcome back to coast to coast. George noory with you with the incredible story with steve colbourne about his alien implants situation. But it's much broader than that. Steve isn't it. Yeah it's much broader than that It's all program that the experiences are involved in and Apparently they train you and But memories in your head and and Do a lot of things to you that that The implants are only the tip of the iceberg about. Do you know if you've ever been taken or beamed aboard or anything like that. Oh yeah. I think i've reasonably that's happened hundreds of times. Do you have any recollection of it. Yeah recollections of Detailed recollections of several of the experiences I recall some of it spontaneously and And a lot of under hypnosis. And you've said that the et's looked like alien grace right. Yeah most of the ones. I've seen quite typical grays I do remember seeing some Some tan grays That looked a lot like the one on the cover. Of willie streamers book communion at one point and I found out I remember under hypnosis. That's the the grays Told me that there An alliance of several similar species That live in solar systems. One hundred light years of here and Dr larry thought that the gray was a Was the end point of most humanoid species After they've had technology for a very long time. Has anybody replaced dr lear. Now that he's passed on. Well i'm doing the The the Not medical research That he was doing but I need i need a partner where the surgeon you need a surgeon that's rebels and to date. There's no other surge in doing this now. i i heard something about About darryl sims Doing some moveables in india. But that's all i that's all i've heard of okay. Well i doubt if a lot of people would go to india to get this done. Yeah but Yeah i think he's been able to partner what they a doctor here either. What do you think they want with us. Well want a lot of things They want to My in the earth moon system for resources that are rare where they come from gold and uranium and thorium being Three of them rarer. It's stuff like that. That are often rare where they come from. aerospace materials like titanium be another thing and They want to kind of mind. The dna of humans in earth's creatures and they're creating hybrids of themselves in humans They're modifying the dna of the human race to try to make us more more able to join the galactic community. Is there anything nefarious going on here that we should be worried or concerned about it depends on your point of view. I suppose if you think that humans the way they are the end all be all then their style. if if not then they're less hostile or beneficial depending on your point of view. I mean if you listen to dr david jacobs. They're out to get us. I don't really believe that They do a lot of things that are Against our laws and they treat they treat most experiences like Lab rats or Subjects but I think that's just the way they are. They don't treat their own people any better They th they seem to be pure intellect and They also one thing with this kind of disturbing about and they kind of remind me of nazis Nazis why They're very nationalistic and Very mission oriented. They're not mean and cruel like human nazis but they start reminded me of them. I think that Their organization yes yes organization and Actually the germans. I had contact for the first kind of contact with them back in the nineteen thirties. Apparently i've always heard the possibility that the germans even made it craft based on stuff like that. Yeah i think that's that's highly probable The the germans were the first to get to get Crashed ufo back in nineteen thirty two. I think it was the one across the black forest or personally how interested are these apparent e. t.'s with saving mother earth and. They're very interested in that they're afraid we're going to mess it up They have technology that could reverse the damage we've done and they're trying to minimize the damage and after the populations reduced They're planning on on Reversing the damage that we've done Using their technology and The population apparently is going to be reversed both Both of them and Our government want that. So i think we're in for some very interesting times ahead. What star system do they come from. Did they say yeah they wouldn't say i wouldn't say You know all of their their home bases their their capital. They're keeping a secret in the direction of the constellation orion and the the three great pyramids in on the plane of visa or representative of iran's belt he probably knew that and That's because they're capital is in that direction and two of their systems are our planet or zeta articulate for and Sixty one some of your history It's interesting that sixty some address three is in science fiction. The home of hostile race called isn't thing. Are these the same beans that were involved in the barney and betty hill abduction case. Yes definitely. they're the ones doing most of the abductions. There are other races coming here. like the The reptilians etienne's but The greatest definitely do most of the abductions are they all friendly The reptilians are not very friendly. I think they're they're Less friendly than the gray is by far. The planes are more friendly. but they're pretty hands off. they don't do any abductions to my knowledge. Steve can you kind of describe to us now. We know what the typical grades look like. But kinda describe again what they look like and the craft that you were taken aboard. How big was it. And what was going on inside. Yeah when they when they came to get me for the incident They They came in And came into the bedroom and said Said come with us and I put my My steel toe boots on. I was in my underwear but my steel to boots on and Around those boots turnout highly magnetic. Dr larry was very excited and Anyway went outside and there was a ufo about fifty feet in diameter Glowing yellow hovering right over My avocado tree and They and he ended up. I should stand below it and A beam came out like a green beam. Like i'm star. Trek attractor being pulled me up into a door in the center of the craft..

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