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He's told the source that man, I mean, I'd say what you're gonna hate me this, but, you know, post burns bones, pretty great. He's saints and things that I like. Right. He's gonna look a podcast. Fuck him. Why we the podcast? We got a billion dollar deal from net. Flicks guy for. Like a random shipping. It. He's gonna make documentaries of done stuff. And I don't wanna watch once in a while say, you know, what let me clear that you're going to university. Come on, man. A good good. You said it. He said it say Good good for. clip. It never tried the on this show. It's close. The let me be clear come got Got me. me. Ilhan, omar. She's just for the record. And by the way, it's not because the ship that everyone else talks about she's awful because of his Huila and Hirsch, it is disgraceful ship that she says, and she was on democracy. Now, you can go watch it when she's like, it's America's fault. There's before that happened everything bullying of Madero. Very little of congress. But there's something about the current moment in American politics. Everyone seems never praised before infinitely stupider. And they've seemed in the past you remember, but your freshman class that's been so praised in because the president is so depraved and so horrible. Yeah. That that the over praise is insane. This diverse kind of grew people to as I can't remember freshman gun Q. I mean, there's a twenty ten and I was swallowing. This isn't some juice. Me. But like the tea party class of twenty ten it's not was recently, most sure comparible but lung they were special and fresh kinda shit and not like this though, I like superheroes. Well is such by the media, of course. Right. But I think like history will show that they were interesting. And so, but then what those people like were. Came on the scene talking about constitutional conservatism. And it didn't go anywhere. Really? There's only a few people like less than history fingers on my hand who took that shit seriously. Yeah. And there were forty fifty people who got elected on that has anyone plotted the number of people in that income and class that was so highly praised and thought so highly regarded by by Republicans, this was the hope to save America from, you know, impending socialism, the number of people that survived a lot of didn't, of course, and are now Trumpers, the one thing. It's not direct answer answered your question. But like a Thomas Massie who simply spent on this podcast before he will say as someone who disappoints and also doesn't on some occasions. He says the most. People that he has endorsed which is a small list have been like total utter fucking disappointments. Like like, you just assume. Oh, he sounds nicer. She sounds nice. It do it. And then like, boom, they become utter fucking sports. Like there's five libertarians or like. Like, it's not a matter of ideology..

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