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Back this counties morning news with Pat Kerrigan it's twenty minutes after eight o'clock. I I'm so thrilled that my next guests are in the studio with us this morning because what a great addition this has been to cinema county. We're talking about the children's museum of sonoma's county. Call that Michelle. Is the CEO and founder of the children's museum, and Lauren Peters is the director of programs. Welcome to both of you. Thank you. Happy to be here. It always seems like there's something really fun going on at the children's museum. I have to ask you one of the things that I was looking over your website last night. I noticed that adults are not allowed into the museum without a child, which I thought was comical and appropriate. Well, we do that really for safety reasons this. So you can't really trust. The I see. You thought maybe the parents would go in there and start playing playing we always we always welcome. And actually if anybody would like to come to the museum. We will always welcome them into museum with a volunteer or a team member to walk around and and give them a tour. And so it's been in operation in a brick and mortar building since two thousand fifteen Ashi two thousand fourteen that's open doors in June of two thousand fourteen but we had we've actually been around since two thousand and five. Okay. I'll ask you. This just throw a ball. How many kids have come through? Well, we visitors we count visitors and since we opened our doors in two thousand fourteen actually over five hundred thousand visitors total. Yeah, that's impressive. It is. You must be doing something right there. The Laura you're the director of programs. What is it that is bringing those kids and their parents in? Oh, we have an amazing space full of wonder and education and play. And I think visitors will find that when they're they're they are probably learning, but they don't even realize it because it's a wonderful place for kids to just be kids, and they get to challenge themselves and discover new things and every time they come. They can figure something else out. It kind of reminds me of the exploratorium in San Francisco, you know, where there's a there's a little bit of science. But there's a lot of things you never thought you might be able to have your hands on and all sorts of things like that for kids. Yeah. The museum is really a wonderful place for kids become natural scientists they get to do what they do naturally, which is try try things out. Yeah. And break things and make messes which we get to clean up afterwards. And still you're still there since two thousand and five it's amazing to me. What what's the biggest draw for kids? I think the biggest draw for kids is again just having that opportunity to experience things in their own way at their own pace. And having the materials the time and the space to engage all their senses in joyful exploration. Wow. That's pretty good makes me wanna go Lauren. It's an ever evolving program, isn't it? I mean, it it seems like, you know, every few weeks, there's something new to do or learn or be a part of. Yeah. We try to keep things. Interesting. We try to keep visitors coming back and finding new ways to interact with the museum. So our programs are really tailored to kind of always be new always be interesting and exciting and hands on and so we are constantly adding new programs. We're changing our programs and just trying to keep it exciting. And Jan, and it's, you know, we think of we when we say the word museum, we get an image. We adults get an. Image in our head which seems to me is about the direct opposite of what happens children's museum because it seems so just so active and interactive more. So than a regular museum is absolutely more interactive. It's age appropriate though for children, and that's why it's called a children's museum. I actually love it when I'm walking into the museum in the morning, and I hear children entering and they're saying museum museum. We're going to the museum. And for me for me. That is such a wonderful thought to think that when they grow old when they get to be our age that they will have that love of museums starting at a very young age, and I don't think we can have enough people loving museums. I think they're wonderful places. I grew up going to museums with my family, so I love I love the idea that children are getting that are getting acclimated really early on to loving museums. That may be the best thing of all. Bottom line in terms of you know, expanded education for kids. Absolutely. Yeah. I mean, it's these out of box out of out of school experiences that stick with us in life. And a lotta times when you look back, and you think about what made a difference in your life. It's those experiences that are a lot of times at museums. It's the experience bottom line. No matter what we're talking about in life is that it's the thing. It's the experience of it all tell us where the children's museum is what does it cost to get in? And how best to get in touch with you. If for example, people want to volunteer at the Lisa. Well, we're located at eighteen thirty five west steel lane in Santa Rosa, and we have lots of opportunities for volunteers to do any type of work that they'd like to do whether it be office work, whether it be working with the children out in the out in the exhibits, or whether it be helping build exhibits, we have all kinds of opportunities and this Saturday, we have an amazing new program event called art jam that is happening one to two and I'll at Lauren talk little just a little bit about that. Yeah. So it's part of a visiting artists series that we just started recently. And we have to give a shout out to this county vintners foundation for their generous grant that allows us to create this program, but we really wanted to be able to bring in artists from different areas painters people who do floral arrangements. We have a hula-hoop are coming in who artists. And so just this huge huge array of artists, and we want children to kind of see what these artists are doing. And then also get to experience that particular art form. So that's this Saturday and one of our programs is this Saturday, it'll be the soco dance theater. Oh, fantastic. Yeah. So kids will get to come in and get to come to the museum. The they'll get to do an interactive dance piece with the soco dance. I know and they're gonna do it around. Our wonderful. Bruce, Johnson sculpture. So it's and they are doing a themed piece that is around recovery from the fire. So it's a beautiful piece. I'll have we'll have a film that they have made in going in our Dalla vent center at the same time that the kids can be learning. How to do some dance with them fantastic. Well, it is in ever-evolving circumstance at the children's museum, and what's the website? It's WWW. And it's the initials of the museum see for children's and for museum over of as for Sonoma and see for county seat. Tom O S C dot org. Yeah. That's the children's museum. Thank you both for being here. Yeah. I gotta get one of these days. I need to rent a kid though. No, no. You're welcome anytime. You're you're okay. We're all a kid. Yeah. Lauren Peters is the director of programs there, and I call it the CEO and founder of the children's museum. It's eight twenty eight at k SRO we'll be right back. The best the Mark west.

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