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Kinda shows you his mindset in the chip he has on his shoulder. He plays angry. He plays with a passion, a sense of aggression. And I'm excited to see, you know, how he fares in the NBA excited to see, you know, how a lot of those college guys will fare in the NBA look Zay. You look at Cam look at RJ, you look at grant Williams, you look at a lot of different players who have shown they have the ability and capability of, you know, contributing right away at the next level. Anybody else you have you seen any player? But typically that you said, wow. I I didn't know he had that or. That guy's really special. Have you seen that yet? Hey, there's a kid the the point guard caches was from Michigan state. I like him a lot of haven't seen him on a lot of draft boards. But I like his pace I like his leadership qualities capabilities he makes his teammates better. And he's just a dog. And I think that, you know, having watched a little bit of Virginia. They have a couple of players who can really impact the game at the offense of independent with left shooting ability. And there's a kid from Kentucky who's hurt right now, not playing I think he's very skilled, and it has some versatility. Washing. Really good you talking about this John hunter and Kyle guy and five all those guys. I mean any hundreds of lottery Jerome is a first round pick and caches Winston. I mean, we we heard Tom Izzo when you came on a couple of weeks ago talk about, you know, maybe he's not the most explosive or the highest jumper. But he like you said is great pace feel he's tough. And there's a reason why he was a first team all big ten. He's really special changing gears a little bit see for you guys. What what has been the tenor of the locker room since the the nerve injury. And what have you said to him because I know you went to see him at the hospital just kind of take us through that. Yeah. I mean, this is a very unique situation. One that you hope you never have to experience be a part of, you know, whether it is watching close or watching from afar, you never want to see in the year teammates, more specifically guys that you consider a brother go through something like that in being able to see something like that close. You know, you just feel for him you feel for his family. He worked so hard. He loves the game. You always, you know, say things like, you know, he didn't deserve that. You know what? I mean. He's a guy who does things the right way he works when his craft every day he's gotten better he's having a career year. He's you know, the man in the middle in our team who does allow for us in offensively and defensively. Initiating initiating the offense making passes finishing around the basket protecting the rim forest guard and pick and rolls. We're just a better team with him out there in his obvious based on the success..

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