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D C thrives on tourists and business travelers and conventions. But the pandemic has devastated the Washington area's hotel and cultural attractions BUSINESS When tourists do Return, D C will be ready. Several new hotels opened their doors in D C last year. Dutch hotel company Citizen M. Open its fifth hotel in the U. S in Southwest D C. Known for its smallish high tech rooms with gigantic beds. The seas Hotel Donovan re opened last year is Hotel Xena, which says it celebrates female empowerment. The Vice Roy Washington, D. C. From the same company behind Xena replaced the former Mason and Rock hotel. And D. C is former Hotel Rouge reopened as the Vanocur hotel named after Benjamin Vanocur, who played a significant role in surveying the land that will become the nation's capital to new museums opened in 2020, the National Museum of the U. S Army at Fort Belvoir and Fairfax County and the Planet Word Museum, which opened a DCs historic former Franklin School building. Jeff Global. WTLV News. A couple of big stories at the top of the hour. One. Congress overrides the president's veto of the defense authorization bill to the U. S tops, 20 million Corona virus infections and locally a deadly fire and Prince George's County also leaves an eight year old heard It's 4 56 warm in home care is providing happiness at home to families throughout the D. C. Metro area, like Linda Brennan needed care for her mother. My family and I have worked with warm and home care twice in the last two. Years, first with my father, and earlier this year with my mother when Mormon staff first arrived, help care for my father. It was an immediate relief.

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