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And it's just harder it's harder to get approval. And you just decide I don't want to mess with all that Sydney. How do you think one of these old timey doctors would feel about the way medicine is practiced today, if we could get twenty the elder over like helicopters and tall buildings if if he was still about that stuff? How would he react to the modern practice of medicine? I think I think the biggest for plenty. I think he would think we were under utilizing lots of elements of nature in our treatments like where all the feces that you're not using medicine. Where do FOX's figuring? Why are you using wolf's hearts for anything? But I think other than that we now we can touch patients. I think that's a big difference. If you go all the way back to ancient times, they weren't they weren't examining a lot of people there kind of looking at you, maybe looking at your P, but not really touching you. I think that would that would be a little disturbing. But I think that tasting your p a little just little piece somewhat just to see if it was sweet, I think the biggest difference. I think the biggest thing they would say is why I I don't think the switch from individualized treatment plans to more like disease based treatment plans. I think that would be very dissonant to an old timey ancient physician, I think that would be very hard for them to to understand why we would treat to people who maybe look completely different completely different ages or sizes or genders or whatever why we would treat them with the same medicine. I think that would be very there. Very confusing and disorienting to see that shift. And then I think that the whole, you know, the Hippocratic oath says that we would not charge students for teaching them that's part of the Hippocratic oath. And I think that if you kind of take that and expand it to the way that medicine is a business now, and it's not it's not individualized. It's not private. It's not an art. It's not a human. It's not a humanistic thing. It's it's like a business in this country. I think that would be very disturbing to ancient physicians who took what they did to be a this very profound undertaking of, you know, human behavior to help each other to cure each other to treat each other to to provide care, I think the way that medicine has become something that you can buy and sell. I think that would be very upsetting. That's my guess, plus probably like some stuff about the volume of the two different colors of bile. Well, that's. Well, I mean, are we assuming already told him about like TV's, and like trista and everything because it's going to be a rough week with the electric medical record alone. That's the end of it. Well, Justin McElroy doctor Sidney McElroy. Thank you so much for coming on bullseye. It's nice to talk to you guys. It's been too likewise playing you. Purple..

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