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The Mark Levin camp show, Jamie Markley that is David van camp much to get to or just about twenty minutes. We'll be talking with our Buddy Ryan who'd Taty from rod tomatoes dot com about the new movies out this week, including fantastic beasts to also instant family seen if there are any good or not. Okay. This statement is getting some attention, and it really should. Okay. So this starts a little bit in the weeds. So I want to short circuit. There's just a little bit. Ronald the Telo is Trump's nominee to head up immigration and customs enforcement ice. Yes. He had a hearing yesterday Democrats jumped all over this tweet he sent out about three years ago, which even he admits is in bad taste where he calls Democrats Neo. Right. Talking about the KKK. So we apologize for it. A few times and said, I regret that you know, I realized why people find that offensive. And there you go then we get to Senator camera Harris who berated him and said, it's really ice. That's like the KKK. What specifically she says? Are you aware there's a perception that there's a parallel between the terroristic acts of the KKK and what ice does? Okay. Perception with who who is aware that there's an. In the same category. As the KKK is that where you're asking me. No, I'm very specific about asking. Are you aware of a perception that the way that the discretion? I see I see. Not finished finished. Are you aware that there's a perception that that ISIS administering its power in a way that is causing fear and intimidation? Particularly among immigrants in specifically among immigrants coming from Mexico and Central America. Okay. Can we stop for a second? This bullcrap statement. All right. There's a difference between immigrants and illegal immigrants. First of all to make the comparison between ice and the KKK is so far out of bounds. People should really look at camera Harrison say you gotta stop this. Even if you're on her side, you got to stop this. Okay. This is nonsense apps. This is why people say our side is insane. Yes. Because people in the country believe it or not cantaloupe want law and order, they do and people want other people to come here legally. But we have a problem, and we have to do something about the problem. Yeah. That is ridiculous. That perception I do not bullcrap to perception with who, you know. And I've heard a lot of things said about ice from the abolish ice crowd. I've heard a lot of that. I've never heard the KKK comparison. No, not once. No, I have heard they're comparing ice officers to Nazis, which of course, is also ridiculous. But never the KKK it. So I don't know who is really perceiving that who has that perception that's a chicken crap way of just making that statement. You know, it is what people are saying that people have the perception what people explain exactly what the parallels are. If you will give me a break. I do not see a parallel between the power in the thorny that is has to do its job and the agents and officers who do it professionally excellently with lots of compassion, sir. How can you be the head of an agency and be unaware of how your agency is perceived by certain communities? There's a lot of processions in the media in the public. That are incorrect perception exists. Would you agree? Correct. And wouldn't you agree? Then that if that perception exists. There might need to be some work done to correct. The perception, you know, a lot of times with criminals perception is cop suck. Should cops? Do something about that. Perception if it means, well, you gotta stop breaking the law. I can we agree to that? But I don't think there's an agreement there. This whole argument stupid. I just I wish that she would go into a little bit more detail of what she's even trying to say what what are you saying that a mandated, or at least a law enforcement agency that has the power of the federal government to enforce laws to enforce immigration laws is the same as a terrorist group. That's what she explained that explained. Who thinks that's true? And then give this guy the opportunity to counter that narrative. But that's the thing. Not only her in her piece on the left are all about that. You do have the media helping carry out the message. This is what drives me so crazy whenever you hear that. It's a false assertion that Democrats want open borders because I don't know how do you take? If you if you're comparing ice to the K K K, or at least standing behind a megaphone, and essentially saying, well, people are saying that is like the KKK, then you're saying that it's immoral and in fact, terroristic to enforce immigration. Exactly what you say. Well, people are here in this country who are immigrants when they meet illegal immigrants. Yes. And they're afraid that they're going to be deported. Good. They should be afraid that they're going to get deported. Because if they're breaking the law there, I mean. That's the ridiculous. Yes. It is. And it always needs to be called out because who controls the narrative usually wins in the end. And if you continue to wordsmith it and say just immigrants people that don't pay attention. All that's awful. We want everyone here. They don't get it. You know, what I mean undocumented workers legal alien can't say that anymore. Okay. Get the other things out there today is national fast food day. Do you ever take a day like that? And then make an excuse to then get some normally you might not get I guess I'm going to the bell whole now. I usually don't need an excuse to do that. But now. Yeah, I mean, that's the ultimate fat guy. Moved isn't it? It's like, you know, I'm gonna wind up trying to lose a little bit of weight. I'm gonna try to eat a little healthier all of that stuff. Oh, oh, you mean, it's fast food day. I did the same thing on national pizza day now. Well, I mean, that's a Friday thing sometimes here. Like, you might say something to the effect of screwed. I'm getting paid to. Yeah. I'm like what's wrong with that? What is your why do you have say, screw it? I'm getting pieces. Just it's Friday. I'm going to get. And my doctor told me don't ever call. It a cheat day because then it tells you that you're you're criminalising eating foods you like it's not a cheap day. It's a three day. And that's when I fired that Dr. Pretty funny though. Something where you get to later since we're coming up on thanksgiving. They say you should be able to feed everyone less than five bucks person seems like that would probably like the cost per person winds up going down at a certain point, there's a tipping point. But at a certain point when you make one Turkey, for example. Eight people over then the cost per person winds up going down. But if you only have three people, it's got to be more than five bucks. I would think so. Yeah. That makes sense depending on numbers also research out there, scientists confirmed the cold weather makes you want to drink. University of Pittsburgh. Well, our friends in Alaska Senator Dell and you say don't know why you're surprised. But that's the study they found a direct connection between the weather in the city and the average alcohol intake. Yeah. Some people also say what you have less to do. That's true as well. You're inside that sort of thing. And then there is also something man about just and I know I don't wanna make it sound too. Great. Because you're you know, you've been tenure sober. So I'm not I'll just shut up. No, you're fine. Nice. You're in a cold. If it's if it's knowing if you're in a cold region, you know, you're not gonna be able to go outside. Anyway, you see the snow falling on a Friday evening. There's something nice about having that whiskey. I don't I don't miss all my gosh. Man. Okay. Now credible. What are you doing tonight watched whiskey and Taco Bell? How oh gosh. That's terrible. Does actually sound like a very terrible decision. You know, what you get somebody ready to fall off the wagon just say that Christie in talking to twenty. No that actually sounds it. Does sound absolute burns city. Yes. And I wanted to bring this up real quick. This is an. It's creepy. But in a weird sort of way, you appreciate the honesty. I guess the guy that killed John Lennon. Yeah. I don't know if you've heard the story or not. He's not sure if he's one hundred percent remorseful yet cats thirty eight years right since since he killed John Lennon, David Chapman. And so he comes up for parole. Again, you said, you know, I'm not sure that I'm a hundred percent remorseful. But I'm getting there. And it's a slow thing said, you know, I look back at this kid now twenty-five it's hard to admit. I did something that heinous, but is true. And lately, I've come to grips with the shame part of it. So of course, I want to be released. Do I deserve to be released? That's another question. No. I don't think somebody that did what I did deserves anything. He's up for parole again in two thousand twenty. Wow. I mean, he's straight up Morgan Freeman in Shashank, redemption. Gary end, that's what he says. I can sit here and tell you what you wanna hear baba, blah, blah. What is rehabilitated mean? Yeah. But he should be let out. No. I don't think. He should. Yeah. I think we can agree on that. It's about that time a week to turn to movies. There's new job fantastic beasts to instant family, also widows are they any good. We will find out with our Buddy Ryan food you tiny next on the Mark clean van camp show. Imagine the panic that swept over this that he was working late. What he got an alert on his smartphone? His blink motion activated security camera picked up something he opens the blink cap and views a video clip of a man peering through his kitchen window. He calls nine one one and alerts his wife prevent situations. Like, this is what blink is all about the point of.

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