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They just know the character that I am. And they are oftentimes disappointed when they learned that. I am not that character. I want to close things off of you this way. So we started off talking about Richard's philosophy three things matter in life friends shelter in a little bit of food in my belly the rest of your sure you have dropped a lot of it's been really funny. But you've dropped a lot of really interesting things today about about being present. Do you have a philosophy Richards for yourself? I don't really. I don't there's nothing that I like fall back on or there's no words of wisdom or advice that I feel like, you know, keep me going or any of that. But I do I do. I guess I do feel as though the kind of center this is so nerdy. But it's related to what we were talking about those kind of central tenets of improv. Philosophic? I don't know about philosophically, but like pragmatically are ways to get through life. I think you know, and like our ways that I would like to live more. The idea of a listen listening agreeing moving things forward like I am somebody who tends to get stuck in my mind a lot. And so that idea of make decisions move. Forward course. Correct. As you go like those kind of the elements of of how I live on stage. I would love for those to be more. How I live in life. Because I think that as successful as they are on stage. They would be just as successful in life. And so I think that is while not surely a philosophy. It is I guess tools really four kind of continuing to be present and living living in the moment. Which is pretty much. All we have. Right. You're right about that. Jason. Mexico's thanks for talking to me. Thanks power. What a delight you can watch Jason men soukous in the long dumb road, which is out everywhere on demand. Now. I'm Tom power Q is back right after this. Listener's support is powerful when you support WNYC you make a statement that stands for truth and accountability for bringing people together for the power of independent journalism. I'm Jacqueline Cincotta program director.

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