Tom Petty, Aspirin discussed on RuPaul: What's The Tee? with Michelle Visage - Episode 113: Bob Lefsetz and David Russell


It was always very business focused in tip focus let's be clear in the music business a tip is usually a radio typ that's not what i did mean what is going to be successful in radio but it was solely about analysis now writing so much and into the value of the internet that i cover a lot of topics and a rate more frequently but what hooks people is a combination of two things primarily analysis today people don't know how to analyse issues i went to a good college of those way to traditional for me and you know the mark of an educated person if someone can hold two composing thoughts in their brain at the same time i remember vividly being at a convention and aspirin they still go to every year which ironically is more for more the record side to more the touring side just like the music business itself but i was talking with tom petty if he wasn't sort of a trough at that point and he was playing the film or which is a club and i was saying well what does this mean relative to his career selling this number of tickets is supposed to an arena at an agent who did not represent him in was one of the most powerful agents in the business said i'll take that billing any day of the week the music business that dumb business i'm not saying that people in it or dumb especially the people at the top but someone who can sift through the issues and see what is important and where's going that's what they're reading it before right what was the convention you go to in aspen it's called the what's called the aspen artist veldman conference now it's called aspin live and the good things about this conference have to understand me most people are not on this circuit.

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