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I that's why you don't start trying to get some of that money now look look look look at the energy sector right about that your goalies judge start trying to take control of their energy sector what you're going to go luger money Bilawal Plutarch government over what do you know more but all of a sudden you know you got no more drilling which you want to stop parking then all of a sudden I got no more damn ball to get to the refinery all third reportedly interview specter but okay called global warming then all of a sudden it got no better built what you got then all of a sudden your liver anything because the farmer barn you'll you know people are burned here people all party at all either but look at the store told let's work on chrome where the grocery shop from local okay capitalistic economy I don't work all day here is I'm going to get I'm going to get it's going to be free that's all they hear and tell her what's going to be free call I'm not great Bernie Sanders you're up hold with a capital capitalone a cap but if you don't know what many global radio station summer golf shirt what which we're just talking about this but forgiven student loan with Medicare for all now he just came up with another one and a half trillion dollar proposal Monday right that's the the free daycare for every mommy and Daddy has a kid under the age of four what a good moment for do you Bonnie yeah L. how much money both when they took control of viral on mobile regular water problem how many billions of dollars right well what he neared the stores are gonna make because but I'm not going hungry because if you start with the energy sector you know whatever your role your dad Barney yeah somebody even medical product but it my wife we've been saying I mean how many years did it take Venezuela to go from a prosperous Caribbean nation one of the most if not the most to eating out of dumpsters and garbage trucks good seven years seven to ten that's what that's it I know coronavirus I'm telling you point blank follow up for very long well you can convince me it didn't come out of John Woodruff we all know what the I've never dampening market are one not talking today talking about but we probably October dogs and bats and snakes and turtles and all that good I don't either I'm finally I'm convinced to came out of that lab if you go I did want to write more John thank you bye bye but but but I do want to blow off pretty got got you for our next week adult summer if you want to know what that might occur but that's the only to the product organists Matt thank you good morning thank you Abigail who can argue with that bingo is fifteen before the our toll free it's eight eight eight eight six zero eighty seven eighty five on America's trucking network while you're waiting for a sale to.

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