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Heart radio station This, is. The Louisville city f c. Post, game show now a, recap, of, tonight's, game. On NewsRadio wait forty don't want you wait trae yes The fans standing. And clapping this one out as team heads off the pitch eight two two draw in the Leepa. FC rivalry game from soccer field, Kevin Curtin. I'm Clave join the scenery and. Beautiful day to watch little city face off against in the eleven we. Thought going into this game, slow pace low-scoring like the. First one may fifth only one goal by. Z who. Was not present today with. Injury Turns out that was not the way this game when. It was very much a streaky ballgame where both of these teams had a couple runs in them. Were they were just flying at, break neck. Speed in the first half from. The, sixteen minute marker to around the twenty one minute marker we saw Really just craziness out there I'm trying to remember what game was earlier this year but we kind of had a similar match it wasn't Charlotte was a few weeks ago I forget the team but the goal to start off by sack MAC and Ernie then. On the Tampa Bay by the. Way yes the Tampa Bay rowdies game correct so we had the goal I often the sixteen minute marker by mcenery. On the following kickoff immediately city jogs up the side, no defensively played by any eleven and Magnus. Puts a sweet ball into the box off. The ground Ilia turns, one kick back one just like that and about a minute and a half Then in minute twenty one Zac mcenery makes a good steal middle of the field and picks up his second goal. Is poor passing, from city the second half we had struggles with keeping the. Ball in position to score we finally did a nice job taking it down. In the last twenty minutes we get. The score from George Davis the fourth who had a great game on his birthday that goes in the fifty. Ninth minute last twenty minutes, we handle the ball well but couldn't find a way. To get that last score so we come away with. The two two draw Kevin? What, was your initial thoughts obviously the game didn't turn out the way, we thought it would be but still do get some. Points out of the draw and overall though I don't think any big negative. Take, away from this game now both these sets of fans at in credit to the Indy eleven fans who made the hour and. A half ride down here both, sets these, fans will. Be you know not overjoyed I think Indy public. Fears a little bit better coming away from that one must be said the misses from the spot played a Pretty big part in this game. More, so than in most matches there's the fifth minute mess by Brian Ownby from the spot in against fun Williams who saved that. One it was not a very, well taken, penalty and. Then the seventy second minute Starikov who was fouled. And then decided against really sort of you know folklore I guess sort of superstition To he decided to take that one MAC and Ernie was right next to a on. A hat, trick so I'm surprised they didn't handed. Over to him but Starikov missed that one as. Well in credit to Greg who made that penalty save so a couple. Of instances of a lack of clinical finishing, from the spot play pretty big, difference you know there's a. Couple of different ways that it could have gone in the seventy second. Minute you know at that point it was too too so goal there would've probably really changed the complexion. I think eleven is, probably walking away with, three points from this one it's hard to say from the fifth. Minute what happens if we score there but the missed penalties play a big part in both teams will. Be left brewing their chances there and that, was the point we made at the half is Brian Ownby had the PK and minute five, it was, deflected, freight save, by fawn Williams And they had, a couple more tips inside. The box put ball bounces off the crossbar. And it looked like it was. Gonna go in it just didn't roll the. Way. You wanted to off, the. Bounce and that PK we said half is. Like that might be the difference in the game turns out both teams that could be said the. PK was the focal point where if you can, just get one of those to go that's the difference between, a win and a draw. Great job are Toyota move of the game let's go places Greg Ranjit Singh with this PK save. Talk about, an effort he made they decided as you said not to go Jack MAC and Ernie. Interesting choice, there by coach ready for Indy eleven. They go Eugene Starikov who had a nice game. Today he goes for the kick and Greg just flying after that ball. Looking like he was making a dive into, the end zone and he just, lays out makes the play. And that was the difference he did a tremendous job in this game. So that was the Toyota move the nice job by Greg Ranjit Singh day absolutely right into he guessed. Right it was not, a particularly well taken A penalty by Starikov but the onus is not on the goalkeeper to. Make the save it's on the penalty taker to put it in a place where. A really can't save it in whenever you don't put it you. Know in a in a top corner you'll, leave yourself open to missing and that's exactly. What happened to both of these individuals but absolutely I agree with that as being the move of the game that saved by graduates and, getting down very well and denying the chance for. Indy eleven to walk away with three points. So city will, come, away with a draw in this. Rivalry match against any eleven to. To the, final score here, from slugger field Kevin Kernan I'm Clavel's and we'll have more post game coverage a. Lot. To cover as we said earlier in the broadcast eight. People know John Hackworth the new head coach steps in August the. Thirteenth and we've also we had a long break off this week usually we go Saturday to Saturday but, now we're on Sunday it's. Going to be a quick turnaround going on. A Friday on the road will. Have the call on ten eighty w k. J. K against the rebels. Will. Preview that and come back with more On NewsRadio eight forty. W. h..

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