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Yes those two lovers. Peter strada at the fbi. Lisa page at the department of justice as a lawyer in their tryst of texts going back and forth talking about the leaks which means of course a violation of the law because that is very likely classified information they have revealed that there are going to be have been our ongoing leaks of classified information which is of course criminal. John durham the prosecutor. Who is prosecuting. See there is a prosecution of the prosecutors going on the media. Doesn't wanna talk about it. They wanted to talk about trump. But this prosecution. Heating up in. Durham is a serious dude. This is the guy who prosecuted. Fbi agents for protecting whitey bolger when he was violating the terms of his deal as a confidential informant for the united states government. Durham's guy who went after the fbi for allowing whitey bolger could to continue to run his criminal enterprise when he was supposed to have left his life of crime. Durham is a serious dude. When you make it your business to prosecute the fbi in cases like these are bad guys in. Durham doesn't seem to be backing down. This is going to give very very interesting to the phone lines. We go matt. You're on the michael berry. Show go ahead. Hey michael sir i I was putting on them. Travesties of car dealerships. Sometimes yes hello. yes and So i went down and i bought. I'm a. i'm a disabled veteran. Now from tom ball. Mommy after guy and We were me and my father in the oilfield together. And we went down to data ship over here in spring and purchased two four trucks brand new ford trucks. He got a king ranch and i got platinum. F three fifty nine to fifty. Both of them are ranging about seventy five almost eighty thousand dollars and so Thirty eight hundred miles down the line. I'm driving my truck on the road and my driveshaft twist off and knocks a hole in the bottom of my cab. Knoxville own that the region stuff. And so i get up to the dealership of screen and they miss the tell me. This is a non warranty blount whenever i have one hundred thousand mile bumper to bumper or at least one hundred thousand mile drive train. Thirty six thousand mile bumper to bumper awards and correct me. If i'm wrong. But i believe bumper to bumper me everything in between front bumper in the rear bumper. My truck correct farzad. No yes so. They tell me that they're not gonna. They're not gonna warranty my item on my truck and so i brought up the same situation. That last year was talking about said. Well i guess you know. Matt had come lawyer so they shut me down immediately on the spot. Tell me that i can't. They're not gonna talk me no more. At the time. I had the worst part about it. I had one of their loaner trucks that ever let me use while they were they had mitrokhin. They're trying to fix my truck so they called me up. So hey we need to do. An autograph are locked. Bring the truck back up here. We're going to switch you out and putting you into a different truck while we're figuring this all out soon as i pull up in the line trucks pull behind the and blocked me into my spy and the vehicle vehicles taken away from me and i'm forced to leave a lot. Then what else. Pretty much like a criminal after the fact also. So what did you do. Well i got a lawyer right now. And i'm i'm currently in the process of dealing with them but they still haven't come up to no no conclusion. I wait court now. I sued him for a loss of my vehicle. Because i had a contract with the oldfield company that that i had for four. You know a certain amount of month on my truck and so i actually won my case because them guys never showed up the court so they got a judgement on them well they turned around and appealed it because of the service even though they got served their paperwork the receipt came back to houston because they got served up. And i don't know indian or somewhere up there and so the the paper came back. Houston and i guess the clerks that are in houston inputted improperly into the computer of sorry. I just came across this story. Lisa page special counsel to deputy director. Andrew mccabe resigned. She had edited. Mr flynn's three. Oh two and was part of the small high level group that strategically planned his ambush lead. Agent peter strasbourg was demoted from the mueller investigation and ultimately fired and then it says the defense has requested the phone records of james clapper see. I've always maintained clapper and brennan are going to be the guys that we're going to find out. Were directing this whole thing to confirm his contacts with washington post reporter ignatius especially on january tenth two thousand seventeen when clapper told ignatius in words to the effect of. Take the kill shot on.

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