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Oxide so he was a baker in oxford that in his spare time he did science and he was really into ballooning which most british scientists have written often. Said this is just. It's anything that french people did. But he really was into scientifically he felt the there's a lot of ministries going up into the iron studying skies. He he wanted he puts go balloons and learn more about the weather in the climate and he he managed part because he lives in oxford he managed to get a visa proud funded by getting the students to light to the balloons. They put on a show. The students and beds assigns some back then. The students would give him money agent between the doctor election His little good at the science. The chemistry professor at oxford had to bring him in to improve the laps because of being slightly behind times. It being quite so stuffy about it in contrast to invest either much more. I've been a much more up near new exciting new subjects like chemistry folks elizabeth behind realize it needs to catch up so got the local baker to improve their labs. But you can tell any Oxford cambridge jet. You might not he. He went did that him in. This professor went the festival but board working oxford because it was it was a boring. The people i am at the time state often setup this clinic and bristol this vision of being able to use gases to heal. People didn't walk but you could see how at the time idea at they developed it of new processes for a machines the people to collect different gases and inhale which is where the nitric oxide stuff comes up at saturday. Doses ballooning helped helped chemistry labs. The oxford university is bike. And he's not really. He occasionally talks in history stories. I think some movie about having these forgotten people in history. The way looking at well at what i just mentioned the all of these guys knew each other. James watt's daughter is treated after every book..

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