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Forget the palatal. Get yourself a couple of large dogs and with the round the waist leashes and i think it's better than a full workout. I think it's better than doing. Probably thousand sit-ups i think it could replace the burping and it could tighten my tummy muscles by having At least round them and always during an omelette. I mean it could do one to any sort of the middle aged spread newbridge action despite tying a leash around the round the waist. And letting its do its work over. The course of an hour would to rampant dogs. Now you could. You could extend this to the old string sausages on a fishing rod and get the dogs pulling you along lifting up that middle aged spread as you go along the charter chase. The the string prowess or maybe a cumberland. Whatever your sausage of preference is and that's a way of getting getting those absolute tighter. I think without too much work. We all all trying to do that with trying to get more so than my book and with little little little extra work. So i think to leashes around the waist to rampant dogs hungry for sausages and efficient rav with the sausages on. The line could be the way forward when it comes to the app. Domino workout is we. We don't often Take advice columns here. But we'll get to the tagline in the minute maybe a little bit of the man's planing hair coming up and china of man's plane of it anyway. Th- this come off the wise. Somebody sent me this a few minutes ago and here we go. Did you can help me. The other day i settle for work leaving my husband in the house watching tv my call stored and then it broke down about a mile down the road. And i had to walk back to get my husband's help. When i got home i couldn't believe is is. He was in our bedroom with an eight his daughter. I'm thirty two. My husband said four. In the natives daughters nineteen would be married for ten years and when i confronted him broke down admitted there being having a fabulous. Six months won't go to counseling and i'm afraid i'm a wreck. Anita advise urgently. Can you please. Sheila and this is the agony uncle john. The uncle the gun uncle the phone call john dish. Sheila accosts doling. After being driven short distance can be caused by variety of false with the engine stopped by checking that there is no debra in the fuel line. that's clear check the vacuum pipes and hoses on the intake manifold and also check or grounding wise if none of these approaches so's problem it could be the field pump itself faulty causing low delivery pressure. Injectors hurt this. Helps uncle joe why men should write advice. Columns no further punch line to the former agony uncle story. I bet she wouldn't want his greasy hands on her hood or hands on his shaft anymore again. We're trying to stop all of a the gardener who's currently doing all and sundry in the garden. He flushing the gullies. He's a sowing the seeds of love. I mean who knows what he's doing. We need to find him in lovely little housewife. A lady chatterly for oliver at before cliff. It gets home so anyway. This is we're trying to this. Is how we getting out of the balking. Black hole exit some lady chatterley's lover d h lawrence. He glances apprehensively at her. Her face was averted. She was crying blindly nor the anguish of generations. Full-on nece his heart melted suddenly like a drop of fire and he put out his hand and lady's fingers on her knee. So we're getting too short season now. I know little men out whether banking type of cargo shorts that so baggy. There's no shape to them. They hang down to their knees and And i mean like clowns short space if you count. Trials clam pants and cut them off. That's basically would be the most men's shorts. I mean what happened to the The tights that have been onboard. Macaroni and i. We talked about before. So i'm not. Yeah shorts might let let my legs look as wide as an iceberg at the moment so don't particularly appealing so i've come up with a solution i think for the summer instead of shores. I'm going to be wearing a very thin thin and slender dressing gown addressing gum for the whole summer. I'm going to. I think i'm going to wear the dressing lightly. Tidied and mean it covers. All you know any any bunions all Varicose veins or anything like that a Maybe a silk or probably accountant. I think i'm gonna caulton. You'll hear one minute dressing gown and the dressing gown will hide oils but also the beginning of the day you can have a call bar for hot bomb and get in there with dressing gown on and you'd be soaking wet you'll be you'll be like a wet dog with addressing gun it would stick to you and everything else but through the course of the day that wet cold dressing down with keep you cool and probably avoid any sort of air conditioning bills. You know how to turn the air conditioning. So wet cotton dressing down hides all villes a misshapen leg and it keeps you coal through the summertime. I think that's the way forward when we getting all hot and bothered in this steamy summertime and here. We have another historical competition. We take some of the roads in history. And we decide whether they should be swiped right or swipe left and his beauty. Today we have christian the seven denmark's obsession with his own penis wide as doctors and was just one of the reasons. Why wasn't allowed to wield any power. Let allow wilders penis December denmark is a regular feature on lists of historical mattis. Monica good reason. The coding christians doger's the future king showed an unhealthy obsession with masturbation from an early age. His his guardians and his doctors were troubled especially as he got older and then he was crowned king of king of democrats put on his head in seventeen sixty six the head physician. I mean not his head position but the head physician to the caught expeditiously warned christian that if he didn't curb his own self loving obsession he risked vote only the crown but not bianca five children and it might make him blind as well. When kristen was married to his fifteen enrolled cussing kafka caroline matilda. He showed no interest in his young wife indeed remote. but it was unfashionable. Loved ones wife is steady carried on pleasure himself and frequent refer crunching. the brussels copenhagen. Say wonderful wonderful. Copen hard and logan hog and by seventeen seventy two. The rest of the roles have had enough his half brother who was appointed region of denmark with christians zone sun taking over two years later and like his father at the near region. Shed no obsession with his own pena's nor did he inherited old man's habit of slapping his old man who is all boy visiting To what's the face or leapfrogging over barren courtiers to get back to his pleasure. Done so to speak christian is what a. What a dilemma. So there we go. There's a historical quit ten christine of denmark. And swipe.

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