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America's cups nine ryder cups more than eighty grand slam tournaments You'll also have the eugene l. scott award given in memory of the late publisher of tennis week magazine and so with all of that under your belt and then writing sports biography. I wonder how as genre you translate the physical drama of tennis onto the page. You have to say. I've always thought that it was great to have a job that you can never quite Perfect or master and this is certainly one of them because you can always find a way to make another phone call or choose a better metaphor or a better description. So i think that is. The time is daunting and frustrating. But it's also inspiring because you can get better at this and so trying to get better in my mid fifties having done this for thirty plus years and all that all those road trips that you described takes awhile to sam. But i rogers case tennis can be challenging to write about. Because there's so much there's so many points and the points are relatively short and matches can last a long time. So i think you instead of getting readers blow by blow. You really have to synthesize and to find a way to capture the moment captured. The match is through Sending them up in terms of their style of play and the things that really come across from a visual standpoint. You're sitting there in the stands. And i've always tried to project that into my writing and i've tried to do that with this book as well. I really was conscious that people do not want to read about one hundred matches they wanted to read about. What made roger tick. What made nidal joke of its tick and where. They came from with their origin stories. That's what i tried to focus on and do you absolutely succeeded. Christopher clara thank you very much indeed. Thank you georgina. Real pleasure for me thanking the master. Brilliant career of roger federer by christopher clary is published by john murray. You've been listening to meet the writers. Thanks to the production team with nora whole only fisher and sophie monaghan coon's and you can download this show and previous episodes more website up from soundcloud mixed cloud or i tunes. I'm gina godwin. Thank you for listening..

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