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That's a really big question. You see, I don't necessarily think art is there to provide a sense of hope. I know a lot of people do. They think it's a kind of failure of art if it's not pointing away forward. I've never really worked with that belief. I see art as a record rather. I see the job of a novel to present as accurately as possible a picture of how things are rather than a picture of how things ought to be. The way things ought to be is always a signpost to hope in the future, but I don't think it's the duty of a writer to point the way forward. There's, I don't know. The other way is for people to be hopeful. I think artists there to help us see things more clearly. That was this year's Booker prize winner. Damon galgate in conversation with me yesterday. And if you had to Monica reads on our website, you can hear the full interview with Damon, who was just fascinating on what it means to be a white writer from Africa and many things to do with his politics. As you might know, ANC just suffered shocking defeats in the municipal elections. And you can also look out for shortlisted author Richard powers on meet the writers at noon on Sunday. That's all for this program. Thanks to our producers color to rubella, page Reynolds Daniel bate and Charlie from the court are researchers surfing monaghan coombs and lilian faucet and our studio manager nor a hole. There's more music on the way, the briefing is live at midday in London and the globalist returns at the same time on Monday. I'm Georgina Godwin, thanks for listening..

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