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We check the markets every 15 minutes Throughout the trading day on Bloomberg S and P Futures up, 15 points the moment Dow futures up 98. NASDAQ futures up 86 points, 10 Year Treasuries up 3 30 seconds, The yield 1.59% yield on the two year 20.14% and Nymex crude oil's down 6/10 percent $65.63 a barrel Namie Nathan. We begin with the latest on Belarus. The country is facing broad sanctions from the EU after forcing a plane to land in Minsk and arresting a journalist on board. You leaders of band Belarusian Airlines from flying in the EU airspace and have urged carriers to avoid flying over Belarus. Here's the European Commission president Arcila Vonda lion, this outrageous behavior needs a strong answer. Therefore, the European Council decided that there will be additional sanctions on individuals that are involved in the hijacking, but this time also on businesses and economic entities that are financing this regime. European Commission president Arcila Vonda lion says the actions of Belarus were an attack on democracy. Meantime, President Joe Biden is joining EU leaders and calling for sanctions on Belarus. Bloomberg's Ed Baxter has the story the U statements call it a hijacking. The president has not gone that far. But in an official statement, he does say he welcomes a call for targeted sanctions and has asked his team to develop appropriate options. He's also made it the democracy issue, saying, Quote for months, the Belarus Ian people have made their voices heard demanding democracy, respect for human rights and the preservation of fundamental freedoms. United States will continue to stand with the people of Belarus in that struggle in San Francisco. I'm Ed Baxter Bloomberg a break. All right, thank you. The international incident comes as the White House remains laser focused on an infrastructure bill, and now we're learning Senate Republicans are planning a new offer to the president. I want to get the latest now live from Bloomberg's around need A young. Good morning. Renee to Good Morning. Amy. Senate Republicans say President Biden's latest $1.7 trillion counter offer is too costly. But they'll continue working on a bipartisan agreement. Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker says the GOP would be willing to spend $1 trillion over eight years well above their earlier offer. West Virginia Senator Shelley Moore, Capitol who's the lead Republican negotiator, says she'll meet with her colleagues over the next day to determine what the exact offer would be. But if the two sides cannot strike a deal, the White House could bypass Republicans to pass its own plan in New York. I'm re need a young Bloomberg daybreak. All right, we need a thank you. The White House is hoping both sides come to an agreement and get a deal done. We caught up with Jared Bernstein, a member of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, the fact that Both sides want to do something in the infrastructure space that I've seen that as part of these negotiations. There's been good faith on both sides that would suggest that we ought to be able to reverse this really very economically damaging trend in this investment in our public good. Jared Bernstein made the comments in an interview with David Westin on Bloomberg's balance of power catch the program weekdays at noon Eastern on Bloomberg radio and television. And when it comes to the pandemic coronavirus cases continue to fall in the U. S. But a surge in Japan is prompting a warning from the State Department. The U. S. Says Americans should avoid travel to Japan, raising its travel advisory to level four Warning casts doubt about Tokyo's plans to host the Olympics in less than two months, turning the markets now. Stocks in Asia posted big gains overnight with China leading the way consumer names rallied US fears about inflation subside. Let's get the recap from Bloomberg's Juliet Sally in Singapore, the C A. C 300 extended its gains to 3% the biggest one day jump since July to hold at the highest level in almost three months. On and off show. Um both rose to their strongest level since June. 2018 South Korea's won and the cost be advanced is doctor should consumer confidence either three year high in May, while Singapore's dollar jump to a two week high after the Lion City stuck to its forecast of 4 to 6% growth this year, seeing past the current restrictions imposed to stem an uptick of virus cases. In Singapore. Juliet Sally Bloomberg Daybreak. Thank you, Juliette and back here in the U. S. Amazon is getting closer to a big media acquisition Sources tell Bloomberg the company could announce a purchase of MGM Movie studios as soon as today. Let's get that story from Bloomberg's Charlie Pellet. It'll mark the e Commerce Giants biggest push yet into Hollywood. Sources. Amazon is in talks to pay almost $9 billion for the business. The discussions were first reported last week, and they could still fall apart and it's possible that the price or timing changes, But the agreement would bring a vast library of movies and shows to Amazon, which operates the prime video streaming service. MGM is catalog includes the James Bond, Pink Panther, Robocop and Rocky Franchise is a swell assed films such as Silence of The Lambs in New York. Charlie Pellet Bloomberg Daybreak. All right, Charlie. Thank you. Bitcoin is falling a bit this morning after another wild ride. The crypto currency surged almost 16% yesterday. After comments from Elon Musk, But Bloomberg's Eric Lamb reports regulatory concerns are weighing on Bitcoin. There's increasing concern about the potential for increased regulation in the U. S be seeing a change of administration in the White House. And it seems some new people in the Treasury and at the head of the SEC and the senses that there may potentially be more movement on regulation. Bloomberg's Eric Lamb says Bitcoins lost almost 40% of its value since last month's high checking it Now it's down 3.7%. $37,550 straight ahead your latest local headlines, Plus we get a check of sports. This is Bloomberg..

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