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Fucked. And I want my part of that. To be true to yourself this the truth to be true to if I was more of a Dick. I'd have a better life. Whatever happy life, if I was actually more of an also if I just took. What was offered in kind of like a kind of? Cruel transactional way. Not. A IF IF I. was like yeah I'm being fetish is, but fuck it. Yeah, like whatever but fuck if I was dot. Talk of Dude. I'd actually be more attractive. There was a situation a few months ago. Well a mattress on one of these dating sites. Frenchwoman like very attractive, we're talking. Eventually unmatched me because I wasn't sexually aggressive enough. Because she wanted she'd come to like She'd come about in. On staff a few days, and she wanted to be used, and she wanted to be used by black man who would disrespect to us as you want me to go round basically and just do what happened. I said look, we've not even had a drink we've not. She wanted a very specific type of black guy. It was takeout. Caught. Explain how degrading that vote. Because you match with somebody like all. This poses interested in me whatever she didn't. Why did you match them? Because I looked like someone who would degrade her? I was like Oh. Yeah, he's. He's dark skinned enough. He'll get that one and all candy this to me and then the fuck man leave. That's what she wanted from me. People joke, HA, ha! Knows disgusting and I talked. About this. They sound surprised that like. Why wouldn't you want to? See You. Don't get it. I don't like feeling. Like fifty dot so disgusting on degrading and horrifying horrific like. I'll never get over that. I'll never forget how that feels. The power dynamics lab. It's disgusting. It's disgusting 'cause. It's like I. Want You? I'm choosing you to the right. May I want you to live a stereotype, but is going to really emotionally harm you. I'm going to walk away with my satisfaction OCTA was playing the game playing this narrative, which ultimately affirms Hawaii power so wholly and completely. Its so colonial. So colonial and I don't know how we get free of it I have friends who are like I'm never dating a white person again. They've had such horrifying experiences like experience. They poured love and care to our only for the past data to turn around. And have a racist family. Or to endorse far right politics, these people they've loved. This is not like they've suddenly woken up and go. Oh, we! We don't do as a matter of self care and sexual intimacy and physical intimacy emergency. I just can't date white people. This is this is what people have said to me like. That's not my. And actually fuck it would if it was like the point is these people like from their experiences that have been so traumatic like I gave my gave years of my life to these people. On the sexual gratification, you know what's really painful. No me is like obviously by being a mostly white city still and Germany as well as white country. Is really sad because I think to myself generation below. Twenty twenty five Amazon. That's not my day. It's not. I'm not creep. Thought Generation of people. That going to be okay. I see like inter-racial relationships in their age group and the side thing is. It feels too late for someone like me actually. which is weird into each of forty, but it feels about Nathan. It feels like. I'm fighting for life for those people. But I noticed inside things like even like dating sites, and I've got. Might this conversation to be offset to saying this? A that dating APPs because. People aren't that interested like. I have friends who is massive age bracket like. They go in these sites and make it so many more dating opportunities than I get. As a matter of course like one friend of mine was single for few months synchronize. Friend of mine has loaded dates. It's how about you. How's dating going? I'm like. US No one's really interested. In this weird position of being like hypoth- visible as a writer respected, my work is getting out there, but. Sexually Terms of intimacy emotionally. I'm just. People aren't interested. Civic Tool Salah about sex and the. Problematic thing, abundant intimacy and Enjoy within the body, but how? Navigating that. Means that you will be fetish is and. It can. Be Unsafe. So from and my a leap, are you ready? Because every time I interviewed people I come up with a question on last to respond to him. No question, a word I'm lying would. You'll this. multi-diverse. The reason I chose that few I didn't think I wind going. GonNa. Pose this question. And that you said earlier about what was it be like? For Black people not to experience racism slap, we'll look at facebook. Look at all social media postings look up. What people luxury editing and life of being scrutinized for their whiteness. So endless multi. WHAT POWER LOUD UNIVERSITIES! Possibly exist being unlike him. Be More than one. Now, because literally opening line of my acid, I literally filed. This morning, and which was published twenty minutes before the Zoom Co started the opening line was recently been Canadian. Litter the opening lot of that essay. I think about this all the time. Do you know I'd be if I was in a different universe. I'd be. Walking with my partner. It'd be a hilltop in Lisbon. This is quite emotional, quite sad about this. Because I'm scared I might get there. It would be a week night evening. Walk with my partner in Lisbon on a hilltop. Just before sunset as sitting on a.

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