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All morning long your next report at 6 50 on NewsRadio, 1055 w E. R C It's time to see what's going on with our forecast for the day. Matt Daniels here from Fox six, and We're starting out a little chilly, huh? Yeah, it's like April Fool's joke is a January and you know we're looking at temperatures in the thirties this morning and only warming up into the lower fifties. The big story the wind When advisor in effect we're looking at winds sustained 15 to 25 gusting at 35 MPH. And then it turns cold tonight, the winds calm down. We got a freeze warning effect, so make sure you protect cover up your plants bring those pets inside. His lows drop down in the upper twenties. Lower thirties. Warmer weather, though expected as we go into the weekend, and then next week I'm w B R. C. Box six meteorologist Matt Daniel, with Alabama's Morning news right now we do have clear skies and 37 news radio 1055 w. E. R C It is 6 43 Alabama's morning news. I'm JT is everybody is working to get their vaccines and get this pandemic behind us. We continue to learn more and more every day and get new information from the vaccines, the medicines and what code will mean for all of us? Long term, joining us now healthy living specialist Dr Eric know Prudie. To talk about what's going on with some long code patients, Doc, Welcome back in thanks to you for being with me..

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