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Critical piece of these defense. Here's mike mayock. I thought jeff heath did a good job last year. Jeff spin lake several years We're always looking for competition. I think the free safety position in the draft this year I think there's some good players through the first three or four rounds. And then after that i think he got a target. Some guys that might be corners might be nichols. Be a little bit creative. But we've grinded this whole defensive back class pretty hard just like every other positions quickly ended. Then he likes jeff he i don't know i'm all on board on how well jeff he played last year that he thinks he game. But do you believe the free safeties in the room or do you believe They've gotta get one whether it's in the second or third rounder or someone that might make leave some come in and least compete right away from that spot. You know if you if you had a defense that was really good or even pretty good and you tell me that. Hey we've got some really good pieces on the defense we like where we are and we're going to plug in jeopardy or collar joseph to that free safety spot. I would say see that. I think that works. I think both those guys are veterans. That have been around They've been able to play safety at a fairly high level. Nothing world-beating but they're good enough. But that's not the defense that you have. You have a defense. That has a lot of question marks a lot of holes. It really really struggled and needs to get a lot better in your account on that on that free to a playmaker at a difference maker. Cheer that's not what those guys are. They're serviceable pieces. Not the guys you rely on that. You really need to have a really good player at though spots so i if that makes any sense i think that's that's the difference for where they are Is that. They need a difference maker. They don't need a guy. And i think jefferson college oxford. His guys that are capable of playing in capable of starting but not necessarily Big game changers for this defense. So yeah. Call joseph as much as i think he can't play free safety and this defense and would be capable of it. I actually think he's more of a A piece that works with jonathan. Abram tries to help become better and then fills in more that bach safety and plays alongside him or plays you know behind him or with him or in place of him at times. Jeff he probably more the backup free safety and they try to bring in somebody I would think through the draft but also you know you have that possibility In it was free agents. In like i just said there's going to be guys that are released guys available at some point. I still think trayvon marrying a possibility. in that first round The tcu safety if all top. Three elite offensive tackles are gone You know in seoul slater and dera saw. Maybe think it's a fresh take tackles either allies vera. Tucker it's ever jenkins. I think both those are pretty good. kevin jenkins particularly the run. Game could be great But if you think it's too high to take them there's not value there Than bearing the guy and you plug about safety and then find a tackle in the second round but even if do take tack on the first round or any other position and you're still looking for safety like there are guys. Elijah moulton i think is a pretty good safety out of washington claim. The spot I also Really kind of like giovane holland. I think he could be. Potentially that kinda guy that you want there But term america's the guy. I would look for in the first round. Potentially i think he was the guy. In fact i know i wrote it. He's the guy in our our last mock draft. That was going to the raiders. I think it makes some sense to bring him in But you also just never know. Maybe don't traffic. Maybe they distract best available player and they they have a lot of a lot of holes to fill maybe they are rebuilding this year looking toward next year as the that they're trying to compete and You know maybe just take the best available player. Take a towel of guys that are filling one of the two really glaring needs. Well we know you'll be all over. Follow all of atoms. Mock grass leading up to the draft. All our dropped actually the regional dot com everyday. Starting sunday in the paper will have draft analysis and stories columns all the way leading up to the raiders. Picking seventeen in the first round of the draft. That's gonna do for our latest edition of sports. My comments other vegas nation. This podcast is brought to you about las vegas review journal and presented by blue. I remember now. There are new episodes of vegas nation. Every monday wednesday friday. Subscribe to vegas station on apple podcasts. Spotify or any podcasting. 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