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Find like your parents represent to you in a dream Amelia. So. Especially, if we're thinking about like the dream that I had or my parents did but so a lot of times when parents just represent my parents I think but sometimes, they think they represent just like old ideas about myself like limiting beliefs. About Myself Not that I think my parents wanted me back. But I, truly like trust them almost implicitly in real life and I don't always. Bothered to seek a different perspective. I'm going to save my analysis and link you. But it seems like this dream specifically took place during a pretty transitional time in your life. You are right yeah. My parents dying and yes, you're right. Now. WOULD YOU GUESS COMEY? Was a good joke that's deep for all. Here, are some major considerations dreamer should be making when analyzing this kind of dream who carried out the death? Where is the death? What ways are they dying? It's like clue it was Mrs White in the library with the ranch. This, why it could be motherly figure the library as a place of learning and the wrench is a tool for gripping and applying torque. So you're man has got too much of a grip on your career. Now. In sub dreams, there's no killer. It can just be something awful like cancer or a car crash or the current circumstances I've. Got A lot of jobs where people die from Corona Byron. Yeah. So, not surprisingly death in cancer in a dream sometimes happens when you're grieving someone in real life dying of cancer If that's not the case, it can represent giving up succumbing surrender. We can do a whole episode of topic long honestly. A car represents your journey on life. So death by a car crash, represent a change in your life path. So who killed your parents? Tell me how okay. So so this person is a real life friend who I've met in this last year has just really challenged me to see things from a different point of view. So that's been great. I don't know where this could be going. I can't imagine. So okay. Okay. Okay. So it was Mrs White with the With the rent. So, what does location have to do with the dream? Yeah according to Stan Wallis a dream expert and psychologist stated as saying refinery twenty, nine article. If the dream happens in a hospital, it might mean you have an unhealthy dependency on eleven needs to be more responsible and self reliant and your.

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