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A point. Guard like I look around and I see who's GonNa score unlike gave it to them because I don't need to be the person that's going to. and. I think that I have spent a lot of years in my life, just surrounding myself with people who are all the same as me and it wasn't until I had this realization as I've matured. You know it really what made you grow and we all want to grow right even though it's hard, is to surround yourself with people who are also interested in invested in growing, and they bring different strengths to the table and you're begging. I would not have had this hair. Had you not should be the magic round curling brush? Where we stay together at a CSM, so we all have different strengths and. It's really important because it's really easy, and it's. It's comfortable to be around people that are always pat me on the back and in like great job. You're doing great, but really you know you've always been one of those people for me to even as a student. You know you, WanNa push yourself outside your comfort zone and surround yourself with people who are gonNA. Make you be your best and they're gonNA. They're gonNA challenge you so. Yeah. That was one thing that was instilled upon me. Is What I was in school, which was finding people that allow you to be your authentic self what does that? What does that mean to use guy? You know. I. I'm all about manners and all about how you conduct yourself and professionalism, but. We all have these innate qualities that make us who we are, and if you're always trying to be somebody else, you can never find your true light, and you can never be the best you could be, so you need to have people who are willing to be around you and you make mistakes, and either they're going to call you out on your mistakes and. And they're going to help you get past. Those or they're gonNA. Call you out. We're GONNA. Forgive you and I think finding those relationships are really important, because we all have weaknesses and really that's the good stuff happens right when you find people that you can share your weaknesses with, and you can be authentic in front of them. Yeah, no grown without that. Both of you had recently done something. Similar sky with Marymount University and Academic Program Meghan with with a business and digital What it literally going from something you had done one way in person to going digital like a virtual. Happy hour must rather be clinking glasses with you guys right now, but we can't, but we adapt, so we can do that. What would it flipping on a dime? Teach you. We'll go with Megan. I would flipping on a dime teach you. Know. It's funny I had this. is training scheduled for mid-may and I'd already moved. And in, we talked Jimmy about how difficult it was to pivot a twelve year business in forty eight hours twelve years of an entire business forty eight hours so. was working really hard and I just in my head I gave up I. said You know I. This is too much I'm not going to try to figure out how to create the training. Since this is a great excuse to just cancel it and then something sky knows i. say this in my class a lot excuse. Is a problem that you have decided not to Saul who? An excuse is a problem you have decided not to solve and and I say that to my people all the time and I thought to myself well. That's an excuse, Meghan. And reached out to all of my people and said Hey. I'm going to go for this I'm going to do. My hot plot is training virtually and guess what it's going to be even better. I'm going to give you extra time I'm going to give extra check in, and it's going to be hybrid. We're going to do it online. We're GONNA record all. All of the lectures, so you can go back to them. And then when all of this craziness is hopefully over, we're GONNA. Meet together in person, and we're going to assimilate it all and I not only filled up immediately, but a three person wait lists, and then I had to hire extra people to accommodate the people that I lead and after that so. If we if we let something like this? Police down and say this is a problem that I. Don't feel like solving than. than yet, we're not going to move forward. And what if we said that with everything with every hurdle? Wow, theorem! Excuses probably decided not to solve unfortunately Jimmy percents kids. You're going to start hearing. A perfect. Guy Will treat this as your. Your parting shot these fifteen minute sessions went fast, and then we got to do with more long form I need to talk with everybody a little more, but Quick Soundbites? Drop a huge knowledge bomb, so this is. All that but I know the bars high and you'll do it would. Teach you in academic program at our. My Alma Mater Marymount University going all digital with three years of student severe. Party, shop. It taught me to just apologized frequently and to show your human side, and you know be transparent rate. I think that was the biggest lesson that I learned was over communicating and relentless inning with the students because and the faculty because nobody knew what was happening. From day to day and here. It was a great thing for me to have because like mega and right, she's caring for all of these people I'm caring for all of these students, and that can be going because I didn't have the opportunity to shut down and. I'm like we said we all learned in this process. It was hard for the students that they. They gave it their best shot and may hung in there with us, and it's still not perfect doing it on, but we're trying our best and I. Just I just said that to them. You know I said it's GonNa I'm GonNa make mistakes, but I'd rather tell you that upfront and we learn on. Think about that as a lesson from students right there I mean I myself. As a second career student so I came a little bit older. You still look up to your professors is like they know everything to see their professor. Say Listen I. Don't know the answer, but we're going to figure it out. I'm probably GONNA screw up, but I also stand up for an apologize. Like, those are less than. Right, you can take those anywhere. I love those so thank you guys for doing that. Thank you guys for for taking a flyer on doing this thing live. Because usually you can edit things out if we screw up you guys. Never I'm the one that usually floods line. With you, didn't we go live at CSM, New Orleans. Did. was in New Orleans. Let's put it that way, yeah! We can do. Let's do it again every week. Would again every happy hour? So much for stopping by we've got tear JOE also coming up next, we'll hear more from from you guys in a later episode. We'll definitely have you guys back on for happy hour ladies thank you so much. We appreciate you stopping by. Thanks Jimmy. Online, facebook, twitter and instagram at PT podcast special thanks for supporting the virtual happy hour. For supporting the show to the Academy of Orthopedic Physical Therapy the leaders in orthopedic physical therapy practice with educational offerings on their website right now Ortho P., T. dot org if you're looking to advance your clinical practice as an orthopedic physical therapist, wouldn't it feel great to know the people that you're learning from are the leaders in the profession, and they've been doing it for a long time and doing it the right way. That would feel great right?.

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