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It airs one episode each week as you mentioned each at nine pm at a digs deeper into. In this case. The title implies I will say a couple of our viewers here. Decider check it out. They think it's very good. Very solid a nice companion to cereal, but the big one you're gonna wanna look forward to is the fourth and final episode which is going to contain some new evidence that may change. How you think about? All right. I'm sorry. But what is serial I've heard of it. But I don't know exactly what it is. Can you explain that? I kind of one of the few people in the world that actually didn't watch cereal of certainly we've covered it a lot. But it was a podcast that delved into the case this guy, Nancy. It's a definitely pointed to is kicking off the current true crime trend and. The audio podcast are just a big audio. Video to it. Yeah. All video. So you can watch south instead of just listening. Bob, saggy coming back to television with a yeah. Really love with an interesting twist on his old America's funniest home videos. What do you know about this one? Yeah. This is premiering Tuesday, March twelve and ten PM on ABC, and it's called the videos after dark as it's basically America's funniest home videos, hosted by Bob sagging, but more mature at a little less family friendly, and before you think well Bob saga is doing that. That's actually healthy started. He started as a very raunchy very interface stand up comic. So I literally balked at the idea. But then when I thought about it for another couple of seconds. I thought oh, that's actually real house. That's where he's comfortable. So it might be fun and very weird thing to check out. It's so funny because because he was on full house and America's funniest videos, people kind of thought, well, that's what Bob sagas he squeaky clean, and then they'd go and see him in clubs. He was. The exact opposite of that. This might be this might be the perfect thing for him. Right. Yeah. Absolutely. And I should mention this week's episode is a special sneak preview and that it'll pick up with a regular series at some point later in the year. But yeah, like, you said it's to be definitely that for kids don't gathered all family around, but it should be a lot of fun. They keep showing ads for season two. I know it Sunday season two of American gods. Usually when you see a preview of something you can kind of figure out what the story line is. I I have no idea what's going on there. Explain sure. So this premiers the second season at eight PM on stars on Sunday. It's based on a book by Neil Gaiman. And the idea is that gods exist all of the gods. Every pantheon they live in America. And a guy named shadow is played by Ricky whittle. If you ever watched the hundred he'll play Lincoln on that he gets caught in a war between the old gods and the do, but it's very easy. It really does. Delves into religion. What it means to people that are very fun and trippy way you'll game in anybody. Who knows his really to Beth and he's really into exploring the -nology. And that's what the show does breezy bowl the visual. I really love the first season. Worry worry during the second season is most of the behind the scenes people left. Bryan fuller, and Michael Green who created it left. The show Christian chenowitz who is on the first season laughed Gillian Anderson last questions going into the second season. But I will say if you like the show in the first season at least for the first couple of episodes. You're still be on board with season two and that's shown on stars. All right. A couple of quick questions about stories that have happened this week number one the sad. Untimely death of Luke Perry. Luke perry. Arches father on Riverdale. Do we know how they're gonna handle this yet? Know in the short term how they're going to handle it. They put an in memoriam card up at the end of this week's episode. There is honestly auto questions in my mind. Whether they're going to air it because anybody who watches Riverdale knows it can be very extreme. There's a lot of sexuality and other things, but this was a relatively calm episode for the show. There was a very sweet scene where Luke Perry as Fred address relating to his son Archie Andrews and helping about so made the decision to air this. They said that this episode that aired this week at every episode from now on we'll be dedicated to Luke Perry. But in terms of the season itself, there's still a couple of episodes, but they have left to film. It does look like Molly ringwald plays. Berry enters arches mom is coming back with some final episodes. So my suspicion is not based on any actual facts. But my suspicion is they probably did some hasty rewrites to make things work for the end. And are bringing in Molly ringwald to at least make the plot elements work but going forward, it's it's a huge loss for the show for the world of arch. I'm sure if you're the producer of a show like that. And he's the star. The first thought is well if the can't play the character anymore. Your option is either recast the role or or somehow kill the character off. But that would seem insensitive since he died so awfully unsubtly quickly. And I don't know how you pull that off. I think on the recasting thing that's not anything that would happen. There's always options to the show like Spartacus where the star rather shockingly died, and they did actually recast him. Yeah. That worked okay for that show because that's how that's is built here on Riverdale. And I think anybody who knows you watch the show was Perry. Anyway, they basically tweak the character to make him work as Luke Perry. Luke Perry was a father figure to the entire cast. So it's not somebody you can just replace in terms of killing off the character. That's potentially a route. They can go. I think in fact, that's probably the thing that they will do that. They'll have some sort of shocking real world saying that will affect the cast, and you know, for better or worse that has worked in certain ways. I mean, I think about the News Radio episode after heart has died which was on. I still can't watch the campus because it's so gut wrenching. It's sad that that's how they dealt with. It and again that made sense for the show. So Riverdale is a toughie. It's it's a off the walls sherryl even on a regular basis. Just crazy stick monsters and things going on. So it'll be interesting to see how they deal with the shocking awful real world saying on a show like that that they're good writers get show runner, and I really trust them to take care of it. Another death. Jan Michael Vincent has passed away. A gauge of seventy four and he actually died back on February tenth after suffering cardiac arrest while he was a patient at a North Carolina hospital. According to sources, he of course, was known what was his series air wolf. But Bill I have to tell you because I am determined to make this happen. He was also on the banana splits adventure out. Yeah. Lincoln link Simmons. Oh, oh, right. Right. The show. The segment was he was the guy who went out in search of Chonco. All right. Well, I have to bring up the banana splits every week, Alex. That's my goal. Seventy four years old. I had such a crush on him as a handsome guy was pretty handsome. We also learned that Alex trebek's the host of jeopardy is battling pancreatic cancer. Will he continue to host? I'm not sure that you could do that. Could he do during his treatments? Yeah. He is. I mean, we all know he's an amazing guy, but he is planning on hosting screw chemo. There has never been guest host on jeopardy since he took over the show back in the eighties. Even though he had a deputy to cardiac arrests and a blood clot over the course of the past couple of data decades. They've never brought anybody else. So he is planning on fighting the cancer he's planning on getting chemo, but he's also planning on hosting the show and as of right now, he has another three years left on his contract. So he's planning on sticking through that. I guess we'll see what happens if you ever watch new Amsterdam, which is one of my new favorite shows. The medical director is going through chemo. Oh therapy and refuses to relinquish his position. So he's still working every day to I know that's not real life close enough. Yeah. Yeah. We finally got word that mad about you, which they've been talking about this for about a year little over a year. Now, it has finally found a home. This is the Paul Reiser Helen hunt series from years and years ago. What can you tell us about this? Yes. So this is an interesting one just in terms of where it ended up of the original cast is coming back, Paul Reiser and Helen hunt. The creator behind the scenes is coming back up. But it's something they'd been shopping around for a while to NBC broadcast stations streaming networks. It seems like nobody picked it up until spectrum originals picked it up. Now, most people probably don't know what spectrum originals is because it hasn't actually launched but it's from charters spectrum. They actually also picked up these scrapped switched gender. Bad boys. Pilot that's coming out at some point soon. So they're going to be launching with that the mad about your revival. And presumably if you have like, actually, I do here in New York charters spectrum as your cable provider that should come to you as streaming on that. But right now, we don't know a lot about that streaming service or exactly what is going to drop. But certainly mad about you should be pretty excited. I'm surprised NBC took a pass on it. They've done really well with will and grace, and of course, Zan show has lived on and done a nice job for ABC. I'm very surprised NBC jumped jumped ship on it. I think the revival trend we've hit a little bit of a plateau at this point. Certainly there is as you mentioned huge interest in will and grace came back huge inches when Roseanne came back, but it's not even necessarily the rating diminishing returns just so much as they're doing five. You know, so bringing back mad about you on NBC is not as sure of that this year as it potentially would have been. Yeah. Okay. I agree with you, Alex. Thank you so much for joining us. And we'll talk to you a week from today. All right. Sounds great. Thanks so much Alexander's Alvin the man's editor of decider dot com. We'll take a little break, we get some news. And then more show. It's Bill leff. It's Wendy Snyder. And it's w there is no break we were told that. Yeah. Because it's International Women's Day. Forget I always forget the rules. The rules are crazy International Women's Day. Right. News time right now sponsored by white pines resort. With that news. Here's David Jennings right now, there is a lawsuit pending against Illinois state believes raw by one of the men wounded or that mass shooting in Aurora for two million dollars to William says state police wrongly allowed the gunman the by the handgun that was used to kill five of his co workers and wound several police officers hiring down in February employers nationwide, adding just twenty thousand jobs, it was the smallest monthly gain in almost a year and a half. And it's expected to be official later today. Lori Lightfoot mayoral campaign getting.

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