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I may be on vacation, but I am coming in for this local hour, because it is a very special edition of David, Samson showed David. You out to me after we spoke about Jack mckeon, the possibility of getting Jack on the local hour with us, but that is complicated for a lot of people, but certainly trader Jack I mean. How can you explain zoom to Jack mckeon? But we have done it and Jack. mckeon is here David. This is an even greater achievement than getting a stadium built. I'm so happy, Jack, that's your hair. It's so good to see you although I see you with a W. on your shirt and it makes me very sad to see you with A. A nationals logo and not a Marlins logo I'll tell you if it was. If you guys were stolen operation you and Jeffrey at all I'd be having a models, but I'm when they fired me. Forget forget the MARLINS embassy. Wow, for forget the Marlins, but well I certainly want to get into that because David has touched on what happened to the Group of Moorlands luminaries this they've been dubbed in the media and your unfair treatment on your way out and Sarrazin as you articulated the reason why you are wearing a world champion Washington nationals. Shirt but I want to start with you where David started last week. Which is you know? The MARLINS are coming out of their managerial relationship with. Tour Borg and Jack McCain's name is floated out. Not really a candidate that was in strong contention, but as it was positioned, was a meeting that was certainly worth taking so you meet with Jeffrey Loria and was Larry David. Larry says at a Deli, and David tells me you had no idea what Jeffrey Loria first name was. That's true well. We had was funny when I got. Picked up at the airport news went over to the Deli. I was a little bit early, so I was sitting out there. on one of the benches outside the Delhi. Smoking Cigar and i. didn't I was going to say I never met Jeffrey before I'd met Larry One time anyway? I see this guy coming across the street. And I guess about twenty five feet from. Jeffrey he said Yeah You Jack, and that's how we met so anyway after discussion. We had lunch in so forth. No, I didn't really think I was being interviewed for the job. I would start our talent star reason. Jolly Finley stories having a good time with those.

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