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As a non pussy eater and i have to discuss this as the three hops we do we do jake halid confirmed does not eat pussy go honestly your tail like eating as one of life's very few carnal pleasures that like are is just like unfiltered unbridled joy like i don't know why you didn't like why did i hear self like everyone take yourself that narrative i don't know like it's just such a fun thing to do and it's like it makes me feel really connected to arm with i don't know something very spirits about putting your mouth okay can i be like gross gross like eating the asshole starts to relax i'm just kind of like yes like she like oh my god this is my t just right now here i go is a sexuality is clearly a thing but i'm promised asexuality as actually okay like the attraction to or wanting to have sex with people who either have the genitals that you have don't have journals you have excetera whatever sexuality is a spectrum is actually exists but pretend like we're not talking about that right for this podcast this episode because i promise you jay alad is not an actual like it what thoughts that he's having sex with are also definitely not a sexual so what instagram i just wanna say i think it's bizarre that if you know we have a lot of girls out here who will settle for men that will not eat their box out but if that man truly loved you and was truly into you and truly wanted to celebrate you he would eat.

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