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And we know the thunder of underperformed the collateral playoffs but does not issue anymore quai letters is great we're all encompassing ingredient used add Kawhi Leonard the makes everyone becomes a winner it's amazing Paul George defenses athleticism is secondary scorer behind kawaii the attention he's going to require I mean it's gonna make a really good team that much more dynamic we thought I thought I think it's been pretty well universally that close universally view the clippers to be the team to beat this year and we're gonna start to get a glimpse of just why very soon which is pretty cool number four while the clippers are getting George back another Western Conference contender is losing a key piece according to Shams over it at the athletic the rockets here that guard Eric Gordon needs knee surgery after he left last night's game according to Shams Cordy could miss up to six weeks if he indeed undergo surgery on the season Gordon has averaged ten points per game in nine games played last year he averaged sixteen points per game for Houston yeah that's a nice that's stews nice way of saying the corn is played like some are garbage this near a wall the loss is not as big a loss the might them it's really not that significant I'll be back it doesn't matter if they're winning games is not playing well and and I'm sure that his minutes can be taken up with Russell Westbrook have sometime on the floor when he doesn't share time with James harden as part about d'antoni figures other occasions it was a guy get hurt and I'm river would come back and be healthy but to me it's not that significant of a situation for the rockets number five over the last two days Major League Baseball began handing out some of its bigger award from the past season yesterday the rookies of the year announced after sucks slugger your don Alvarez won the American Leon is unanimously as he at three thirteen with twenty seven home runs and seventy eight RBI in eighty seven games met first baseman Pete allowed to to call nationally honors after thirty to sixty with fifty three home runs and hundred twenty RBI today twins manager Rocco Baldelli won the American League manager of the year after leading the twins to a surprising one hundred and one wins a twenty three win improvement from last year and cardinals manager Mike chilled one nationally manager of the year after leading the cardinals to ninety one wins in their first NL central title since two thousand and fifteen yeah this to me I mean a good job so far with the voters I love the Rocco was the guy you kind of forget right as seems fall when the policies about what he did with the twins was incredibly incredibly impressed do.

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