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We were supposed to have a balloon Jerry shirt. I don't think it's been approved. That was an Email actually sent actually sent an Email on the urging of choline. He goes just ask Erica nice. I said the. In the subject line to Erica goes our CEO for those, you know, barstools balloon, Jerry shirk, yo we're in a weird place with our shirts because there's there's very little we can do that just isn't straight up copying intellectual property, and we're not big enough for that's like justified. Yeah. Correct or yeah. We're gonna wear it's we'll we'll get there eventually though, it's also like the least of our worries honestly with all the cell merch. But I just it's it's funnier to make fake Denny menus in which we talked about a second and slap videos and other shit like that. So but go to the barstool story in spread the brand speaking of which last week, we talked about a fake Denny's menu. The for movies, Allah, the console oh and hobbit hole. Menus Ken, Jack went about making a fantastic list of fake movie items. We put together a graphic the link to the graphic will be in the description what I want everyone to do we want you to do is to take that and tweet it at Denny's and say, whatever you want. I don't care what it is. But just say so excited for the Golden Globes menu or tweet the graphic at them in mention which one you wanna eat the most whether it be. The Ruth baiter gins burger. Other items include. Let's see would you whip up? Here Ken, Jack, you have the Mary Queen of talks super Cala fragile stick XP, Al fries. Mary jalapeno poppers. You'll Armstrong which sounds like fried ill for I man alster erased Jackson, Maine, lobster, Freddie. Moore curry and green buck Choy so lots of options make sure to tweet this graphic. It's in the description at Denny's and tell them you're excited for it. And let's see if we can ends off trolls favorite account on the internet. So good do the way they the way they just own people. Very very healthy relationship between consumers and company..

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