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Half 12 basketball love for the bruins not so much for the huskies More from Bill sports and it be plumbing sports update Reporters should cover the conference of champions predict UCLA when won the whole thing The men's basketball title this season Oregon's second Washington state 8th and then the Washington husky's 11th out of 12 Coming off of 5 win season you dub head coach Mike Hopkins is overhauled the roster and they're getting back to a winning formula The first two years we were number one in defensive efficiency in our league and our third year we were fourth last year we were 12th This is the one thing we had to fix Bottom line defense travels defense is going to be there when you need it These guys know the new guys are learning it The huskies host the northern Illinois huskies November 9th Seahawks today officially released corner Trey flowers and signed quarterback Danny etling to the practice squad Two and three Seattle at two and three Pittsburgh Sunday Night first time at a 149 games Russell Wilson is not Seattle starting quarterback The kraken will not go undefeated in their first ever National Hockey League season falling to the golden knights in Vegas four three last night So it's on to Nashville on Thursday evening skating against the predators The kraken today wave defender Dennis chowski and put left winger Marcus johansen on injured reserve Sports attended 40 after the hour Bill Schwartz come on here Thank you Bill News time now 6 11 President Biden meeting today with CEOs and leaders of the nation's biggest ports is the U.S. grapples with major supply chain issues We have an update now from ABC's Elizabeth schulze White House officials are cautioning it could take several months for these supply chain issues to get worked out And that means it's time to start your holiday shopping now A renewed effort by The White House to sort out supply chain bottlenecks that are throwing a wrench into the economy ahead of the holidays As the country recovers from this once in a century pandemic and economic crisis the private businesses that make up our supply chains will have struggled to keep up President Biden is set to meet today with major retailers and suppliers as well as the leaders of the nation's too busiest ports which are suffering from record breaking backlogs of container ships Strong consumer demand combined with shortages across the supply chain from shipping containers to truck drivers to factory workers means many Americans aren't finding the products they want on store shelves In order to keep your shelves full we have to order 8 weeks in a van 8 to 6 weeks Treasury secretary Janet Yellen tells CBS Americans should expect some shortages and higher prices during the holidays But she's cautioning against panic buying I think there's no reason for consumers to panic about the absence of goods that they're going to want to acquire at Christmas The White House announced today the port of Los Angeles has committed to operating 24 7 to try to reduce congestion big retailers and shipping companies are also pledging to expand their hours Elizabeth wilsie ABC News Washington An emotional William Shatner thanked Jeff Bezos for the moving and unbelievable experience of going to space today Come on Corbin heck has more of the Star Trek actor's reaction Upon returning to earth Shatner described the planet's fragile atmosphere as blue thinner than your skin There's only a through the blue And you're into black Shatner placed his hands on basil's shoulders and thanked the Blue Origin founder for an experience that left him overwhelmed what you have given me Is the most profound experience I'm so filled with emotion about what just happened Shatner and Bezos spoke at length just outside the new shepherd capsule minutes.

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