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I listen. I went back and watched a lease some of that Rutgers game. And I am sorry. I did. Yeah. No. That's a that's a time sink. Right there. It was it really was Maryland has some fight to it. And, you know, losing a couple straight real close is not the most encouraging thing. But a Penn State team who has looked pretty awkward on offense. The back half of this season. You know, some bright spots for sure defensively some playmakers have emerged there's going to be this is the term right here, frozen rain. Okay. Freezing rain, freezing rain, frozen rain, whatever on on Saturday morning. The games three thirty three thirty kickoff here. So maybe conditions not ideal for a fast track. I have Maryland here. I think they're going to be able to get loose a little bit on the ground against this. Penn State team that has in the open fields don't need to remind you. I don't need to remind anybody. They've struggled tackling the open field and this season. And. I was about to sitcom snot rocket. I really. So sorry for thinking that I think Anthony McFarland. Anthony, dude Farland will get loose a couple of times. I have Penn State's sneaking by I'm gonna take the points. I have at thirty one twenty eight Penn State at home on senior day tie. You know, we are even though we've disagreed by my count five times so far in our first seven games here. We're still fairly like minded in terms of scoring. I am also taking the points for the exact same reason. I think Maryland can run on Penn State. By thirty four twenty seven Penn State wins at home. It feels good to meet in the.

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