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And so those people are the ones asking, why are we getting this kind of thing but I'm excited to see just because I'm a huge fan of Michael C hall. Obviously one of my favorite shows, a six feet under this is another one of my favorite shows so. I'm super excited. Yeah. Mix News. Is a Kaelin it's? Tom. Okay. So what's up everybody you know is. I. Don't know if we do. You know who it is. Sometimes DC boy takes takes a break for marvel. Mannequin. Anyone cabinet see no one saw that happened. No No. So this is this is the craziest stuff. So Hey, what's up everyone if you haven't looked outside the America at least, it's still pretty much shutdown over extenuating circumstances. and. Disney has decided. Of Allah. Bob. Chapman. chapstick. WHO's the new CEO after Bob Hager eager where you want to call them. Tomato Tomato, as we saw Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart talk about that and over east commercial. That, there will be a new division under Disney. That is going to handle distribution and media entertainment So this this new division will pretty much be the. Spearhead of the company where they are looking to prioritize streaming as their Their their company business strategy. All is this the first time to happen. No it is not now what was the first time to happen with Disney home video now? So. Earlier this year around June. We started hearing shakeups. Shakeups happening at Warner Brothers because of the recent acquisition from at and now Warner Warner. Brothers became Time Warner, and now they are Warner media and so with that being said the new CEO. Mr Jason Killer. Is. All also strategize also said, we're going to go and make Hbo Max the New Forefront of our company. So a couple months ago in a similar fashion, a of shakeups. And a lot of heads rolled. A lot of people got fired is a really big thing that happened at DC particularly, that was like made huge amount of news and so similar thing happened. This past week with Disney. Where a couple of new divisions got created, a couple of people got fired. and which happens in business. It's a very normal thing. It's A. I wouldn't call it a necessary evil but as an evil that I think everyone just kind of like. Complicit with because it isn't this forward obsolete that that what started as a hobby for them or an extra service is now becoming a core pillar the business. That's really where to say that. This is really weird I. Want to say it I really don't but some of them being like you know we should just make it so that we can hold up all of our. Licensing. Means Continue. But like the implications of this on multiple levels but I'll let you continue your story I mean so. You know everything that you already love about Disney will stay the same in all honesty. So Alan Horn. And Alan Bergman will still continue doing the studio films. So everything that you like all the remakes and the Star Wars and all the Kevin. Feige well, all be that thing and..

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