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And I love that when everything matters in games that don't matter, everything still matters. You find out a lot through that. And by the way, Blake Snell is no hit in Toronto. They're just not getting to the top of the sixth. So away this although Giolito The Yeah, That's about right, Big boy. Yeah, Big boy. Wide body. Never give him 85. Could you give him zero? Like no one. That's good. Ah, man. He and the rest of you go ask the deal from the Twins twins. That's another big boy Steakhouse was never This guy never played above a ball until this year because they needed them. And that's been the story around. The league has been incredible. We had a guy Rafael Marshon Unbelievable. Catcher in the minor leagues. Ah young kid, 21. Never hit a pro homer was 856 at bats in the minor leagues never hit a homer never came close. We don't even think he's ever hit one in his life. Ah! I like a pitch before there were playing. The Blue Jays were down through you. Watches is where he's gonna end up in your own home run, and they looked at me like AA and he hits it. I'm going like losing my mind on air and Mike Oh, my God. Oh, my God. 856 games never played above a ball hits his first like first homer in the big leagues. You can't make it up and there's been like the story's all over the league. That's the best part. About this season. I think there's more stories than we've ever heard. By the way, Big boy. Kirk, five wide body single no hitters over for Blake Snow, So big boy coming through. For all the cattle out there Trying to do is have the list. I wanted T 20 But you guys said he's 59 they say to 65 or to 70. He's up there off by almost that. 15 20, killing three bills through those sort of three balls. Pounds, baby. Lt's all right. I wanted to ask you Kevin Frandsen Ah, former giant, a former co worker. Errantly, analyst for the Philadelphia Phillies radio network. Joining us here on October Kruger and Brooke Show correct me if I'm wrong, but were some people in Philadelphia? Getting wistful for the managerial stylings. Of the man we have out here right now, As I was going bad for the Phillies late season, the Giants were contending. Obviously they didn't get in. But I feel like a couple of columnists, and maybe they were just trying to be wise guys they were looking at what was happening with the Giants and improbable year. Even though they didn't get in and going well, Maybe they got manager had some ideas that we should have got behind or much is completely having a fever dream. Uh, both both He definitely wasn't the right fit. Let just say, but a lot of the stuff that people are writing were because They're trying to go after someone else. You know what I mean? They're trying to like you because we all could all agree. Gives a good dude. Right? You guys admin all time. He's a great dude. Just for me. Wasn't the fit here. Just here. Just the people didn't vibe within world. People survive within well in the Bay area. I think we're seeing it from this year. Look, we had 16 games where we lost this year 16 games we lost with a two run lead or more. So when you're talking about like, is it the moves or is it the ingredients? Right. I mean, is it the final product? It's the pieces in in there, so I think that's what you know. A lot of those columnists were writing about was what they had to play with. Morning in a very roundabout way. Um, so we'll see if it was. It was a very disheartening year because we had 16 of those losses. Eight of them were by three or more runs that where we had leads of three or more runs. You know, Always. We scored first in Fort like the most insane numbers like 40. 41 games. Same The daughters had like 40. There were 21 9 were 21 20. And we held a lead and I want to say it was like 47 of the 60 games, which is ridiculous. And we, you know, we ended up four games under 500. So our bullpen was a second if you if you put it out there. Ah, you know, I get it 60 games, but our bullpen had the second worst E. R a in a in a season. In major league history. Only the 1930. Philadelphia Phillies had it worse. May I ask you look into your crystal ball. Looking into the future. And if you want to add a team onto this, please feel free to do so. Okay, uh, Who is going to be better. In three years and on early I'll leave the Marlins out. I don't know enough about the Marlins haven't watched them places that would have been there. Please do with them in there. OK, OK, three years where you buy it if he had to buy stock with one team Marlins Blue Jays. White Sox Padres Rogers. Padres. Yeah. I mean, I know they got more coming to. Ah, Mackenzie Gore, the lefty, and they got some got some stuff. That's a That's a good one, too, because I think if you asked, like four or five people there will give you 45 different answers. It's impressive. What the Padres of them. We've been kind of waiting for this whole thing. Uh, you got a cornerstone guy like Totti's junior, though. I mean, that's He's impressive. So Man. Marla's going to be if the Marlins could figure out some stuff offensively with some of their younger guys, the pitching's there. And we know that they they've done this for years. They've had these power arms like the Nicky Anderson's right. They traded high on him. Obviously, it's a good call, because the you know the Rays made a good trade. But you know, same same with the Marlins on that as far as getting more and more death. Um Blue Jays The Blue Jay scare me for one reason in a good way they've won in the minor leagues. All that court right You have the Corby, Geo Bichette and Ah, in Vlad Junior. They've won everywhere. Together. So in the mire Lee so you get in these situations. You're like they're continuing to win right? Whether it's a shortened season or not. I don't care like they're winning to get they know howto. I mean, you guys, you guys all know when you could trust the guy next to you, and you've been in that situation with them before. It doesn't matter if it's big leagues or minor leagues, or you know the MBA or the Julie whatever it may be. Like you've won together. You know how to compete with those levels. Um and I and I and I take a lot of I like that because we had that with the Giants. We want a lot in the lower minor leagues together. And those teams came up like the guys that came up. We knew howto win. Andi, You saw that in those years with a lot of the core guys we played for Lenny Sakata. We learned howto win with with under Lenny Scott, his leadership in San Jose and I and I really think that that was a huge things for those Giants teams because you had guys winning together throughout. Now. Family doing good. Yeah, We're like, Oh, a week week and a half way. Well, guy coming, so fired up. Fired up. No, no, Larry. No, Larry, I'm not so I don't do it. I didn't do a reveal that caught everything on fire, right? You know, you didn't do that. No, we did everything through Zoom, so it's been ah! It's been crazy. We've missed all our family on this whole thing. Amanda's brother Tai just had a little baby girl in Carson genes so fired up about that. So it's like they're going to be cousins like, you know, a couple weeks apart. So little man's coming and Be crazy. So you might as well pray of names. You break the news right now. What did you decide on Larry? Tom Arod? Well, you know, it's one. Lawrence did not make it today. I know knows how it could have been in there. He could have been there. But you chose Patrick. Just don't compact. Old man..

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