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Four years ago there's a great quote i don't know how dave mcmenamin founded but i'll give him credit of lebron being asked before the playoffs started his first year back in cleveland so that's lebron your twelve that's twenty or thirty year old lebron instead of thirtythreeyearold lebron being asked how many minutes can you go he's in forty maybe forty one a night not like the regular season i play the whole game if you need me to put in the playoffs it's too much and by the way the track record said that was the case he had played prior to last night four games in the playoff all forty eight they were all in the same postseason he was twenty one years old it was two thousand six the idea that he would go for forty six minutes on friday night and was really forty like he took one minute off that mattered because he was also out in the final minute of the game forty six forty seven minutes in game six and then all forty eight and was anyone surprised by like what would you have set forget the points and reruns and everything over under what would you set is over under it minutes going into the game forty five yeah fortyfive latam we expect him to played at least forty five forty six minutes last night that insane choice there was no choice it wasn't like lebron what are we gonna play we'll sit you down we'll bring other guys in there was no other option if the cavs were going to win this game lebron had to play those minutes he had to somehow find a way to get it done for most of the postseason hypothetically there's no choice cheon but there is a choice and lebron walk through that choice because you cover games you're at arenas you see stars there is a signal that you can go to you can either tap you'll hear or you can basically eyeball the coat and tell him come get me lebron walks to those signals though that normal players get the end of the first quarter perfect time to get a little blow and title tried you they've sent jetty awesome into the scores this they did any wave them off walk right through it and in the second hand does i seen staff they come right on out katie comes out play comes out they have that.

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