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During the COVID-19 pandemic tell WTO public schools are still adapting to a new normal three years after the virus first arrived. Christina grant in D.C. monifa mcknight in Montgomery county and latanya mcdade and Prince William county all started as superintendents in 2021, they say schools look much different than they did before the pandemic. There's a new normal in our schools. That's latanya mcdade, who says schools now have to focus on students mental wellness. We have to be attentive now more than ever before to the social emotional needs of our students. Mcknight says students in Montgomery county have clearly expressed their wishes. I had third graders tell me, well, before we take a test, if you just take 5 minutes and work with manipulatives on our desk, whether it may be a Rubik's Cube or a squishies or Legos or go out and jump on the trampoline that brings down a stress level before I have to take an assessment. And in D.C., grant says use of technology and classrooms has become normalized. Scott gelman, WTO P news. There's been another deadly earthquake this time it hit Ecuador and Peru this weekend. The 6.8 magnitude quake killed at least 15 people and injured more than 400 as rescue efforts ramp up groups in our region are coming together to help 84 year old Peruvian native east Selena campos who helps organize the annual Peruvian festival in Northern Virginia is now working to raise money for those in need. She tells NBC four she's doing everything she can to help. My heart was shrinking. I don't know what to do. I don't know if I can go to Peru and do something and there, but more I can do here than in there. Campo says they're raising money to buy clean water and mosquito repellent for Peru, the earthquake comes as the country is also recovering from a cyclone that destroyed homes. We just finished Saint Patrick's Day and folks are already looking ahead to Cinco de Mayo, but there may be a problem with plans to toast the day

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