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Support for out front comes from our friends at rocket mortgage by quicken loans home plays a big role in your life that's why quicken loans created rocket mortgage ilet let you apply simply and understand the entire mortgage process fully so you can be confident you're getting the right mortgage for you to get started go to rocket mortgage dot com slash out front finance breaking is houston on the brain the city inundated by record wayne now on edge all eyes on whether a major dam gamble whole plus hair heartbreak fix members of one family swept away in flood waters and i'm going to speak to a family member to opens up about what has happened and tv peter joel hosting sparking outrage why was he slow to open his houston megachurches harvey victim let's go out and good evening unarmed burnett affronting night the breaking news city on the brink houston is a city on the edge this evening this stunning time magazine video says it all as you see there more than four and a half million people in that area fearful another major dam could overflow making this historic catastrophe even worse less than twenty miles west of downtown to massive reservoirs at risk at this hour this is the senior the addicks reservoir for the first time in its history water spilling over overwhelmed by harvey and alarming message posted four residents get out now and now nearby barker reservoir the other major reservoir in serious danger of overflowing tonight houston the fourth largest city in the united states is staring down a disaster that could well leave homes underwater four weeks taking years to recover more than fifty one inches of rain have already fallen on houston the stunning number less than an inch from the alltime american record and that storm it's not over harvey now over the goal it is going to strike again this time heading towards new orleans and tonight of course the twelfth anniversary of hurricane katrina thousand so far rescued many more stranded the us customs and border patrol team rescued these two people as you see desperately swimming against the raging floodwaters heroic scenes like this happening across houston in the area and there have been tragedies among the stormrelated deaths one of those lost a houston police officer sergeant steve peres a thirty four year veteran of the department drowning after he drove into a flooded.

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