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Did you know one street game thing but i don't remember anything left to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell who calls bore unfit for the senate is urging a writing candidate to step forward the alabama known who would benefit that standard will be the attorney general is totally wellknown and extremely popular in alabama more today tweeting the quote washington elite we'll do whatever it takes to stop it in over thirty million dollars trump picked via they've done everything they could and now they're together the try to keep me from going to washington in moore's hometown of gats an alabama republicans i spoke with our toward a fondest giants that after forty years some items forward i mean why would you white forty years it that really did happen if i'm more and more i i get get out out his he's race you don't mixed opinions there in alabama tom llamas with us live from birmingham and tom way moore's campaign tonight challenging of course as you point out that fifth accuser beverley young nelson roy more had said he didn't know her but now as you report his lawyer says he was a judge in her divorce case you've reached out to her lawyer that's right all right it's just gotten back to a she says she is sent an email to the senate judiciary committee she wants reclined to testify under oath in front of that committee and willing more to do the same if that happens she will release that your book so independent experts can look at the handwriting and did we have some breaking news tonight there is a new accuser in this case she claims in the nineties she went to war with remorse office looking for legal help he made her feel uncomfortable this is what she alleges and at the.

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