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But no Mitch Strabinsky with a strip sack, the ball is fumbled inside the 10 yard line. And moments later, Adrian Peterson his second touchdown run of the day from three yards out. That was with 1 37 left on the clock, giving them the four point lead. And then the Bears moved the ball down the field and had a chance at the very least, maybe to go into the end zone. But no, they apparently have turned it over on the fourth down there, checking it out right now on replay. If it does get turned over, the Lions are gonna win this game and the Bears losing streak will reach six. The year 2020 comes into play all the time. Absolutely. The Titans make that the Texans right now on the Colts, which has been an exciting one throughout the day, and with 1 32 left, Let's go back to Adam Spillane with the with the Texans down by six and have a chance. To tie or take the lead right here. Which the Texans have the ball first and goal from the six yard line. They trail this game. 26 2 20. They are out of time outs as we're gonna hand off to do Johnson here that will get the Texans down to the two yard line. We have had no offense of points scored in this half, two point scoring on a safety when just Shawn Watson was sacked in the end zone. Justin Houston. The Colts have just called their final time out. So 26 2 20 is the score. Brandon Cook is back out on the field for the Texans, hey, is caught a 23 yard pass on this drive. The Texans had the ball. They started with the ball at the 20 yard line, and they have marched right on down near the goal line. They are two yards away. From tying the game and then having a chance to take the lead on the extra point. Indianapolis was stopped at the goal line a little bit earlier in this quarter, they had 1/4 and one from about the five yard line. And, um I believe it was. It was naive behind who was stopped short and so that kept them off the board. They're second in gold. Now for the Texans again, no time outs left for either team as the Sean watching fumbles, the snap. The ball is loose, and the Colts have recovered and the Colts are going to hang on to win this game. It was recovered. I can't tell who recovered it for Indianapolis. What a bad that from Nick Martin, the center Shawn Watson couldn't handle it. The ball rolled on the ground, and the Colts are able to fall on it, And they will win this game and get to eight and four on the season devastating loss. So the cultural hold on or it seems at least at this 40.26 20. The Raiders had the ball back and Derek Carr had Nelson angle or in the end zone on a heave of about 45 50 yards. And he just overthrew him by a step. So the Raiders still have some time here. 13 seconds left there in the meantime, back to Minnesota, where they're all tied up. Here's Erik Nelson. Her cousins for the second straight week trying to Ah, pull out a victory for Minnesota in the final minute. Right now, we've got 53 seconds left in the fourth quarter, and the Vikings have a first intended their own 40 were tied up a 24 24. Um, we talked about that drive that Jacksonville just engineered. It was 10 2075 yards capped off by James Robinson, a one yard TD run, and then they had to go for the deuce. And Mike Glennon found Chris Conley. He put dark, timely in the middle of the end zone or the two point conversions, and that's how we got the 24 24. So the Vikings have one time out left. The Jaguars have one as well. There's 53 seconds left. In regulation. Minnesota 24 Jacksonville 24. Again that Jack was trying to snap a 10 game losing streak. The Vikings trying to get the 500, We have obviously a very close game going on here in Minneapolis, and this could be the most jets ending of the season if it wasn't bad enough that they just nearly blew the lead and gave up a touchdown to Nelson a galore. Eric Car comes back on the next play and hits an open Henry rugs in stride and the rookie from Alabama scores to make it 31 28. So, with five seconds left, the Jets will get back the ball with their draft their number one draft spot. It seems secure now how they blew. This one is amazing. Let's go to Jeff's L in Atlanta, where, speaking of blowing on the Falcons did just that. Here's Jeff. The Saints are on top of 21 to 16 38 seconds to go. The same sweet honey from their 26 yard line, the Falcon tad a chance to take the lead. They had a third into it. The 13 yard line and dirt cutter run so kind of bizarre late, breaking one play outside of top early loss. Seven year olds to the plate and on fourth and nine from the 20 that Ryan could not hit Julio Jones, Owen and complete the doctors did hold the Saints on three and out on that drive a couple of key third down completions from that, Ryan. On the third of three. His own 22 completed 27 yarder to Calvin Ridley and on the 3rd and 11 from the 39. He completed 18 yards to Julio Jones. So Atlanta now has the ball. They will take over it about the 45 year old. They will have no time outs remaining that Ryan on the day 18 of 36 251 yards and one touchdown pass. Taysom Hill 27 of 37 232 yards and two touchdown passes. We have 27 seconds to go 11. It does not have a time out. They have the ball on their own 39 yard line, and they're trailing 21 to 16. All right. So if these saints can hang on by virtue of the Bears loss, and if they win, then the Saints have clinched a playoff berth. In the meantime, let's go to Brian Douglas in Tennessee, where That one is in the fourth quarter and the Titans inching closer here. Here's Brent inching closer, but they have miles to go. Uh, this game this game we've been talking, which has been over with the Titans did have a little bit of no ways in the third quarter with a pair of touchdowns. Cleveland's only offense in the second half scoring Wise has been a 43 yard field goal by Cody parking in the third quarter. But the defense has held firm keeping the Titans out of the end zone until just a couple of moments ago, when the Titans Jeremy McNichols did punch one in from one yard out, ending a long titans. Dr. Cleveland. Oh, up 41 to 28 1 15 left to go. The Titans have all their time outs. But they would need the big, even bigger miracle that we've seen on any game this year, But the Tennessee Titans will drop to eight and four. And with that colt victory, there's now a tie at the top of the A F C South. For the Cleveland Browns. Baker Mayfield. Phenomenal day 25 33 334 Yards passing four touchdown passes rushing wise Cleveland Rushing down Just a little bit. Nick Chubb 18 carries 80 yards. Korean hunt, adding 29 yards on 12 carries and for the Titans Derrick Henry 175 yards last week. Today only 15 carries 4 60 yards. Cleveland right now, just trying to get one more first down to put this game officially on ice. Cleveland they had They're going to go by the way to nine and three, assuming there's no miracle for the Titans and enrich the last time Cleveland what nine and 3 1994 Wow. So they're going to Belgium? That was that was that was a couple couple of years ago. And the quarterback that year Vinny Testaverde. There you go..

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