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Weekend. Try out the, the prep form line of shorts from Johnny. Oh, use Buzi to baby. Boy, boots is hard at work. So go check out the mulligan in the white prep shorts baby boy, Buzi at the house last night. Michael cooked Michael grilled two chickens two chickens. Yes. Can't chicken. How did you do it? If we used a lot of we used some lime. And we use Carol has this out describe it as an eastern shore seasoning. It's not quite as strong as old bay, but similar in profile airy very great last have everybody over last night. Boots. He's not calling about your preferred name, yet, beautiful evening to, you know what I want to call me. Mama. I can't because see will not explain overfull context Walker and love to say Dada pads into our room saying, I show up to pick him up. Dodd says mama was the first word really said, but he looked we go Walker. Can you say mama? He looks in my wife and then just goes. No, no. That's what say. Can you say Momo Momo Keiser Ma no? So dad just gets this devilish grin saying, I know what I wanted to call me mama. We all news. We do Sony. We start off with basketball. Looks like John Howard is returning to Michigan to five year deal starting at two million dollars annually to return Lakers, K Frank Fogel of three year deal. He's coach two different teams in the league to one hundred has never blown.

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