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I mean, first of all I never thought I read them more terrifying than yours, but Bob Woodward's book fear. I mean. Yeah. And I just I I saw Matt active measures. I said, you know, what we need patriots to come out patriots. To come out November sixth and take our democracy back. And then let's have a free and fair debate again about ideas. But, but but this is I've been calling for months that someone should organize a national mobilization. And I think it's coming really going to be a massive free election mobilization where we come out like I feel like we may hear more about that at sexy liberal DC. I. Okay. Yeah. But you know, I mean, if you've got Rick Santelli formed a tea party. Well, what if we all said, we're going to stand for America? We're going to stand for democracy, both Republican and democrat you do that three days before the election. You will have a wave election and everyone needs to participate in in in standing for the values of this nation. I really feel that by the time we get near election day. Boy, I think Woodward level outrages will be so far in the norm that people will be abandoning ship on this guy. Yeah. Absolutely. There's a lot of things that you can't tell me your you'd have to kill me. There's things I can't even tell you yet about sexually liberal. Sweet. Yeah. Hey, next Saturday night liberals, we'll be in DC next week. And that'll be awesome. But for those of you can't make it. I'm going to be a London on October second giving a speech there. It's drinks and democracy in London. And if you go to the Malcolm Nance book tour at Malcolm Nance book tour on Twitter, you can sign up for that. I think it's some cheap number like ten pounds to get drunk Santa like it's sort of like a uncontrolled English version of. You know, you're you're you're drunk drinking podcasts. Happy. I have drunk with you. Yes. So I recommend it Olis' happy hour. It's England jelly go. Slowly, I did the whole how to get others fives drunk thing on you. I was not drunk at all of my happy hour. Yeah. Yeah. Tricked me Paris. All right. Love you, Malcolm talk to you next week. He goes man's, Malcolm. I can't I couldn't find my pants after that happy hour as I recall travec was very late. And so we were already very drunk by the time he got here working here. So at summer responsibility. He was doing some secret mission something you did that without me. I blame Sean fifty one. Okay. Fifty one minutes after the neighbor..

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