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Stonewall was broken down versus thirty and thirty one again or saying that we need to diligently prepare in life or accept the consequences of laxity diligently preparing life or accept the consequences of laxity. How many times have you scored in your own net. Because you didn't do it in time got in trouble. I don't care what it is. Maybe it's work something you've got to do with workers to do with with school. Maybe it's to do with our responsibility you had at home. You're fighting with your wife or your wife's fighting with you because you said you would. You didn't get around to it. And then that point we deal with the problems created because we were lax and the responsibility that we had. I used to tell people in college. I never this random. I never had it in the late assignment. And all of the years i was in college i did four years. I never did and do you know why because i'm lazy. I kid you not. I never ended in an assignment late. Because i refuse to be one of those guys. That was pulling an all nighter the night before working twelve or fourteen hours straight on an assignment. I couldn't do that. That was far too much stress. So i literally got them in time to hand them in. Because i wasn't willing to do that kind of nonsense. That was a lot of work. So i would do in the weeks before and i had the time and still was a fair push. Sometimes i refuse to do these overnight panic sections again if we diligently handle life things. Don't come up creep up on us the balls across our own line causing us problems and lastly versus thirty three and thirty four says this little sleep a little slumber a little folding of hands to rest then your poverty will come as a robber on your want like an armed man again. Folks attend to what you want to succeed. Attend to what you want to succeed in your life. How many of you have neighbors with beautiful gardens and lawns and flowers and stuff. These people that put all kinds of time and to make them look good. Make you look bad. My yard doesn't look like grass. Sham the kindergarteners that passed the put in perennials. They got to come back on their own every year. Because we're not. We're not kenneth green from people out there trying to make it look beautiful but again you can see the work that people put into their yard and their garden. Because they're out there consistently and what you tend to will succeed in your life far higher likelihood of succeeding. So what are we talking about. Well spiritually you need to read your bible..

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