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In today's new mexican on page eight wealth he need then if you don't have the new mixed he can can't get it online when an email me i will send you that address after the show today you can do that as of tomorrow as speaking of you university vardan design an architects an landscape designers nate down he was just was just here and he said gotta run gotta run can talked are go to over to university varna's on i dunno i think he's working on that nato downey he was running for city council got endorsing now my district our last week we told you who the santa fe new mexico can endorsed and people when kind of a you know what stuff uh over the mexican endorsing ellen weber who do you go union mexican anyway so in a city council members as well including got gang member so i'm not gonna i'm not gonna guess so that was the new mexican today the jearl north endorsed the albuquerque journal north they endorsed today the endorsed joseph my estes for mayor fanta fans are choosing their first wrong mayor under city charter change in voting that is already underway the early voting polling places by the way you can vote today until i think six o'clock he can vote tomorrow at city hall or the hen of chavez community center i think i'll vote tomorrow at the chazov centre 'cause i'm crazy i want to prove i'm a wild man germany voter only get one way outside would've ever done in my entire life because i'm nuts anyway so you can vote in the journal north endorse joseph my estes for city council they endorsed district woman incumbent sickening lindo district to they endorsed although they went through all the candidates the great canas the ended up endorsing korowa romir allworth district to carol real merrill worth endorsed endorse drill nor district four they endorsed joey envy hill cobbler grant vigo that's the journal north two days ago these santa fe reporter endorsed the endorsed k noble for mayor reporter endorsed k noble first choice for mayor they say is k noble and they do all fine they do noble my estes weber to hero and peter in that order the endorser city council the endorsed in.

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