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These pilots are specially. Trained with night vision goggles this is something that takes above and beyond just the normal pilot the fire that started yesterday. Has already damaged some structures bomber Reto says much. Of the thick dry brushing this area of the Cleveland national forest hasn't burned, since, one thousand nine hundred interview canyon Corbin Carson KFI news In order still in effect for remote rural areas near reading in two weeks fires burned, more than one hundred sixty four thousand acres and destroyed. At least one thousand eighty homes, it's forty seven percent contained and the one near Yosemite that has. Shut down the park has grown to more than ninety one, thousand acres it's thirty eight. Percent contained Transportation Safety officials say video will be part. Of the investigation into a fatal plane crash near. John Wayne airport one dash camera video shows the small plane in a near freefall before it crashed into a parking lot investigators say an engine failure alone probably didn't cause the crash the NTSB's. Jack van over. Says investigators have a lot to review over the next couple of months we're going to. Be gathering information that pertains to the pilot the airplane. And the environment the crash Sunday afternoon killed all five people on. Board the pilot had reported at emergency before the crash. Andrew mollenbeck KFI coalition of groups in l. a. has come out in opposition. To a state Senate Bill that would extend the closing time for bars and seven California, cities LA city councilman Paul Koretz says a four ham last call, we'll have a negative impact, on public safety over a quarter of all traffic collisions caused by alcohol and that's responsible for over. Eleven hundred, deaths each year at a cost of California of eight point four. Billion dollars is already passed through the state Senate but it. Needs assembly. Approval before next week, the seven, cities that can opt into later closing times include l. a Long Beach and West Hollywood and. Leaders in West Hollywood have voted on a resolution to get President Trump's star scrapped from the Hollywood walk of, fame the city council wants the city of LA m.. Hollywood chamber of commerce to remove, Trump star from the famous tourist attraction time is up for Donald. Trump the stars been vandalized twice in the last two years, and mayor pro tem John. D'amico says he believes the president should it be rewarded. For what he calls bad behavior there's a cost. To protecting that star to stopping those fights and is that appropriate that we should now be protecting an abuser instead of just removing that star the city's resolution Incites family separations the president's climate, change denial and is disturbing treatment of women as reasons for.

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